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Pity Party for Justin Bieber: Sometimes You Have To Make Your Friends Sign Their Life Away To Party With You

Pity Party for Justin Bieber: Sometimes You Have To Make Your Friends Sign Their Life Away To Party With You

If you want to party with Justin Bieber, you have to put your money where your mouth is. Meaning, of course, that you have to sign a release agreement that says you won’t disclose anything that goes on in his house and that you assume the risk of doing whatever “activities” are going on in the house. If you violate the agreement, you have to pay a cool $5,000,000. More »

Gallery: Leighton Meester’s ‘Nylon’ Party Looks Like It Was Super Fun

Gallery: Leighton Meester's 'Nylon' Party Looks Like It Was Super Fun

Is it life imitating art? Leighton Meester attended a party in her honor at New York’s W Hotel — and all the cool kids showed up! The party was thrown by Nylon Mag, whose cover Leighton graces this month. Gossip Girl stars Jessica Szohr and Michelle Trachtenberg were there along with Leighton’s The Roommate co-star, Minka Kelly. Bonus: Kanye West and Jared Leto showed up just in time to flip off the camera. Thanks, guys! More »

Event Report: I Have Now Heard Cee-Lo’s “F*** You” Live

Event Report: I Have Now Heard Cee-Lo's "F*** You" Live

I went to a party yesterday. Would you like to hear about it? I see no reason why you wouldn’t, because parties are awesome, unless they are lame. But this one was not lame because there was free beer and also tacos. Tacos, you guys, tacos.

Question: If 200 enthusiastic party-goers are each holding a glass tumbler full of Heineken, how long will it take for your super-chill vibe to be disrupted by the sound of shattering glass?

A: Approximately 2.5 minutes, unless the music is especially loud. More »

‘Interview’ Throws Party For James Franco’s ‘Book’

'Interview' Throws Party For James Franco's 'Book'

Last night at the James hotel, Interview Magazine and James Franco — two of the most overexposed entities in “culture” — joined together to promote Palo Alto, the collection of short stories by James that he wrote while earning one of his 1,000 degrees. You remember, it’s the book with the story they published in Esquire, that had the line “the shadows make it shadow-color“? Yikers. Even having the party at a place called the James now seems like some sort of weird, inside joke that even Franco’s other personalities aren’t finding funny any more. What was the scene like? Our insider had the scoop: More »

Gawker Now Catering Exclusively to Ohio Residents - We’re going to assume it’s just a coincidence that a story about the new Domino’s breakfast pizza (at the world’s only 24-hour Domino’s in Ohio), and one about a bloody birthday party in Dayton, OH are being situated right next to each other. But we’re watching you: If the media site starts stealing ads from The Columbus Dispatch, we know its time to pick up an head back to Oberlin. (via Gawker)

Where Was Michael Cera Saturday Night? – Why, partying it up in Greenpoint with the kids over at TVCarnage for the release of Derrick Beckles Let’s Work It Out DVD. Which is a shame, because we were at that party and totally couldn’t distinguish him from any other Brooklyn hipster. (via StreetCarnage)