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In Honor Of Amy Poehler: Our Favorite Strong Women On TV This Season

In Honor Of Amy Poehler: Our Favorite Strong Women On TV This Season

he Arrested Development reunion (and your subsequent realization that now you have to shell out for Showtime) isn’t the only news to come out of this weekend’s New Yorker Festival. At her interview with Ariel Levy on Friday night, Amy Poehler asserted television’s superiority over movies, particularly in the area of multifaceted female characters.

“I think films are kind of catching up in a way to where television has been for a long time. Television is still, in my opinion, the best place for female characters,” opined Poehler.

We’re inclined to agree — sure, this has been a banner year for female-focused movies, but television has been rocking the lady-led shows for a while now. Just look at Lorelai on Gilmore Girls or The Wire’s Kima or take your pick of the four besties mini-genre: Sex and the City, Golden Girls, or Designing Women. In fact, television is building on the precedent those shows have set with a current crop of female heroines that are, frankly, killing it, including (especially) Poehler’s own Leslie Knopes on Parks & Recreation. Let’s check out some of the rest of the best.
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Dude Diary: 5 Facts About Jason Ritter

Dude Diary: 5 Facts About Jason Ritter

Is everyone getting pumped to watch The Event tonight? It’s supposed to be like 24 meets Lost, which perfectly fills that niche of “Shows that we love that are no longer on television.” And though we don’t know much about what the event from The Event actually is (time-travel? The monster from Cloverfield?) we do know that hottie Jason Ritter has signed on for the role of Sean Walker, a man searching for his fiance. Possibly on a plane. So much mystery! Here’s what we do know about Jason Ritter: More »

Crush Links: Marilyn Manson’s An ‘Eastbound and Down’ Fan

Crush Links: Marilyn Manson's An 'Eastbound and Down' Fan

Marilyn Manson has a mullet in honor of Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down.(Perez Hilton)

• Tyra Banks has “no plans” to return to modeling. But her eyes are so fierce! (Wonderwall)

• Noooo! Lauren Graham talks about dating her Parenthood costar Peter Krause. You can’t take Nate Fisher away from us just because you’re a Gilmore Girl! (Huffington Post)

K-Fed‘s back in the picture: This time defending ex-wife Britney Spears over the allegations of her child abuse. (TMZ)

Tom Brady is so hardcore, not even a car accident that required the jaws of life to remove him from the wreckage necessitated a hospital visit. (RadarOnline)

• Congrats to former Crushable Anonymous Celebrity Lena Dunham, who is rumored to be working on an HBO pilot with Judd Apatow. Local girl makes great. (Cinematical)

Joe Francis is being charged with being a douche. We didn’t know that was a law, but it’s awesome. (Nerve) More »

Dax Shepard: My Weird Celebrity Crush

Dax Shepard: My Weird Celebrity Crush

The first time I heard of Dax, he was another notch in Kate Hudson’s belt. But the notch has risen. Did you see Baby Mama? He was oddly charming as white-trash Carl who drove a Trans Am or something with the “MYGRLROX” license plate. He does well playing the seemingly selfish jerk with the surprisingly big heart. And he’s tall and funny (major requirements). And he has a strange circa 1992 haircut. More »