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Gallery: Is ‘Postcards From Splitsville’ The Saddest Site Ever?

Gallery: Is 'Postcards From Splitsville' The Saddest Site Ever?

Post Secret has long been the place to go if you’re feeling emo or depressed and want to read someone else’s anonymous cry for attention. “Postcards from Splitsville” is being touted as a site that’s like Post Secret, but for kids of divorce. Created by Kara Bishop, it’s a place where “children can share their divorce-related feelings anonymously and parents can get a new perspective on how this life-changing experience impacts their children’s lives.” More »

Jessica Alba Hates Being Pregnant

Jessica Alba Hates Being Pregnant

Three months into her pregnancy and Jessica alba is already feeling the “growing pains.” Apparently Jessica has been suffering from pregnancy-induced acne which has Jess down in the dumps about her body image. A tabloid reports that Jessica was recently … More »