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Sex On the Wire: Dirty, Dogging Brits

Sex On the Wire: Dirty, Dogging Brits

• We know where we plan on taking our next vacation: Puttenham, England, a quiet little town that’s become a popular spot for “dogging” (aka sex in public). Best part? It’s barely illegal! (New York Times)

• Once again, a study has confirmed what we’ve already assumed to be true: Overweight women are hired less, and generally take a salary cut, over their skinnier counterparts. (Lemondrop)

• Is having sex with gay dudes a new trend? We feel like we’ve heard a lot about this lately. (The Gloss)

• Take a look at the Ryan Gosling/Michelle Williams feature Blue Valentine…which is slated to get an NC-17 rating. (The Frisky)

• Congrats to all the young kids out there having sex, who know how to wrap it up. Shame on the adults, who are less likely to be using protection, according to this new study. (Blisstree)

• Here’s a male sex expert telling you how to have a female orgasm. Hmm…we might stick to advice from someone who actually shares our genitalia. (YourTango)

Christina Hendricks says women hit on her. If this counts as news, we’re glad that there is literally nothing else in the world going on today. (CBS) More »

Was Jezebel’s Knee-Jerk Reaction To Blisstree’s Overweight Celebrity List Uncalled For?

Was Jezebel's Knee-Jerk Reaction To Blisstree's Overweight Celebrity List Uncalled For?

Our sister site this week wrote a piece entitled “10 Overweight Celebrities We Don’t Want to Look Like.” While the title may have been a little flippant, we wonder if Jezebel’s Sadie Stein read beyond it as the message of Blisstree’s article was far from Mean Girls. Instead Blisstree (which is a health and nutrition site) was pointing out the myriad health problems that come with being obese, including, you know, dying. And its way more common in America than the size-0 celebrities that gossip blogs mock and point to as poor role models. More »

Should You Lose Weight When You Move To A Big City?

Should You Lose Weight When You Move To A Big City?

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Dear Drew,
I’m 17 years old, living in Southern Ontario. My big life plan is to graduate, escape my boring industrial town, and get out there to start livin’ my life in a big city like Toronto or Montreal. The problem is that I’m smaller than Beth Ditto, but definitely bigger than your average gal. I don’t think I have a weight problem to speak of, because I eat right and work out three times a week, but according to Hollywood standards I’m “plus-sized.” More »