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Predictions: What’s Next for the ‘Harry Potter’ Kids?

Predictions: What's Next for the 'Harry Potter' Kids?

Perhaps calling them “kids” is inaccurate, as most of them are in their twenties now, but let’s face it: We watched them grow up on screen, and because of that we’ll always think of them as “The Harry Potter Kids.” They’ve spent the past ten years– which, for some of them, is nearly half their lives– working on these epic films, and now that the release of the final film is less than a week away, I can’t help but wonder what’s next for these not-quite-kids. Some of them may continue to act; some of them may follow other pursuits while staying in the spotlight; and some of them may choose never to act again. Here are our predictions about what life after Potter holds for Daniel Radcliffe and company. Got other ideas? Tell us about them in the comments! More »

Video Gallery: The Best Of Twin Brothers

Video Gallery: The Best Of Twin Brothers

One of our favorite parts of The Social Networks was watching Armie Hammer take on two roles as the Winklevoss twins. And then there’s Leaves of Grass, the small comedy film just released on DVD that has Edward Norton playing a pair of wildly different identical twins. What’s with all the brotherly love? we don’t know, but we sure aren’t complaining. We’ve put together a gallery of the best twin bros to grace the silver screen. More »