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Video: The Nicolas Cage Song

Video: The Nicolas Cage Song

One time my friend Ricky and I were trying to think of the quickest way you could show that a character in a movie or TV show was insane. We decided the best thing would be to show the person’s room covered obsessively with pictures of a random movie star that no one would ever be obsessed with. After bypassing the obvious (Steve Buscemi? Willem Dafoe? Peter Falk?) we landed on Nicolas Cage. And then realized that Nic Cage probably has a ton of posters of Nic Cage decorating his New Orleans ghost mansion and German castles. He wakes up every morning, drinks his cup of cocaine, and just stares at his Vampire’s Kiss premiere stills, using them instead of a mirror. I love you so much, Nic Cage. This is for you. More »

Video: The Ultimate Nicolas Cage Mashup

Video: The Ultimate Nicolas Cage Mashup

I’m obsessed with Nicolas Cage, and I don’t care who knows it. I’ve written articles before explaining how I think the Coppola-familiar is actually in on the joke of Nicolas Cage, and how, while his role-choices may be dubious, his acting ability is beyond question. People point to The Wicker Man, National Treasure, Knowing, and countless other “awful” Cage films to support their cause, but I counter with Adaptation, Matchstick Men, Moonstruck, and Leaving Las Vegas. More »

Crush Links: Kim Kardashian’ Louboutins Caused Some Blood, Not Tears

Crush Links: Kim Kardashian' Louboutins Caused Some Blood, Not Tears

Kim Kardashian‘s heels were killing her at her recent birthday party: the spiky Louboutins cut into her feet and made her fall. A fashion martyr! (People)

Beyonce‘s mom says rumors of her daughter’s pregnancy have been greatly exaggerated. (Just Jared)

Tavi totally knows what’s in Christine O’Donnell’s closet right now (besides a sacrificial goat). (The Frisky)

• Sexy Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his team’s recent win by taking off his shirt. (Goal)

• He may be joking about the featured phoenix from the video, but the ideas for Kanye‘s video Runway came from a very dark place. Specifically, the Taylor Swift incident at the VMAs. (MTV) More »