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Is ‘Doug’ the Original Hipster?

Is 'Doug' the Original Hipster?

I have fond memories of Doug. Of the three original Nicktoons, it was by far my favorite, and I know I’m not alone in my love of green sweater-vests. But I’ll admit, I do frequently wonder: Is Doug the original hipster? Is he, in fact, responsible for an entire generation of hipsters? Maybe. Let’s take a look at the evidence, shall we? More »

Video: Get Nostalgic With the ‘Rugrats’ Pilot Episode

Video: Get Nostalgic With the 'Rugrats' Pilot Episode

Who here remembers their first Nicktoon? I know I do! Come take a trip down memory lane with me: The original unaired pilot for Rugrats has surfaced and is currently available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube. The animation looks a little less polished and there’s a different actress voicing Tommy, but Grampa’s glasses, Deedee and Stu’s hair, and Spike the dog’s lovably disgusting behavior are all still there, just as they should be. Hum along with the familiar theme song and check it out below: More »