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Crushable’s Ultimate Lazy Day Playlist

Crushable's Ultimate Lazy Day Playlist

I’m pleased to inform you that today is National No Housework Day. I KNOW! Doesn’t it just give you the burning desire to not dust something? I could be wrong, but I think that if anyone sees you folding laundry or adjusting couch cushions or (heaven forbid) vacuuming today, you’ll be arrested on the spot. And that’s one rule I’m very happy to follow. More »

Here’s That Avril Lavigne Wedding Photo You Haven’t Been Waiting For

Here's That Avril Lavigne Wedding Photo You Haven't Been Waiting For

I don’t know what it is about Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger‘s marriage that makes me want to be so snarky about it. They’re just a coupla people in love who wanted to get married so they did, but my instinct is to be such a little twat about it. Like, look at that title, guys, assuming that nobody even wants to see their wedding photos? That’s some serious snark! And I doubt whether any of you will even defend them because, let’s face it, this is just an annoying couple. More »

Snap This: Nickelback April Fools’ Prank

Snap This: Nickelback April Fools' Prank

I know I gave you the exhaustive April Fools’ Day roundup on Friday, but I had to add just one more. The Daily What posted this fake but hilarious newspaper article (linked to by Twitter user @boomtisca) praising Nickelback for their amazing music and announcing that they had received the lifetime achievement award at the Grammys last February. I’m unable to tell where this fake newspaper comes from, but it looks as if the article beneath the Nickelback piece is about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. More »