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A Brooklynite’s Take On Girls‘ Brooklyn Locations

A Brooklynite's Take On Girls' Brooklyn Locations

The first season of HBO’s Girls has come and gone in a flash. Love it or hate it, you can’t say it didn’t get people talking: about youth, friendship, race, feminism, Sex and the City, etc. But believe it or not, I’m not sure I have anything left to say about any of that, so instead I’m going to focus on another topic near and dear to my heart: how Girls uses (and sometimes, abuses) my beloved borough as its silent fifth main character. Here’s my take on ten of the show’s sexy Brooklyn locations. More »

Gallery: Cast Members’ Bizarre Poses and Fans’ Crazy Costumes at the Big Lebowski Reunion

Gallery: Cast Members' Bizarre Poses and Fans' Crazy Costumes at the Big Lebowski Reunion

So Monday and Tuesday of this week were Lebowski Fest, the annual celebration of The Dude and all things The Big Lebowski. However, this year was more special than any other Fest, because they managed to wrangle most of the original cast for the first-ever reunion since the movie came out in 1998! Here are the best photos from both red carpets: The cast clowning around at the Hammerstein Ballroom before the Q&A/screening, and the diehard fans posing in their costumed best at Chelsea Piers’ Bowling Party. More »

The ‘Avengers’ Crew Has a Week to Turn Cleveland Into Times Square

The 'Avengers' Crew Has a Week to Turn Cleveland Into Times Square

Now is the time for some moviemaking magic: Marvel Studios has until August 15 to turn a stretch of downtown Ohio into Times Square. Yes, the one from New York City. Movieline reports that shooting of Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers begins then, presumably involving scenes where the superheroes meet at one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. offices in Manhattan. We’re guessing that shooting in NYC cost way too much, and Cleveland was a better choice for indoor scenes. It’s just ironic, since Captain America: The First Avenger managed to shoot in the real Times Square. More »

‘The A-List’ Recap: Let’s Get Pedicures

'The A-List' Recap: Let's Get Pedicures

What does it really mean to be an A-list gay? For Reichen, “A” is for accomplishment. For the less literal, like TJ, “A” is all about having a dog and paying bills on-time. And although I prefer to make the A-list by pretending to have friends at the New York Times, we learn in this episode that it can also translate into Playgirl pictorials, restraining orders, and pedicures. More »

Whatever Happened to Pop-Tarts World? (A Mystery)

Whatever Happened to Pop-Tarts World? (A Mystery)

During the summer of 2010, something extraordinary happened in New York: The opening of the first-ever Pop-Tarts World, a store that celebrated that most venerable, if unhealthy, breakfast confection, the Pop-Tart. Joining M&M’s World and the Hershey’s Store, both right across the street from each other on 7th Ave., Pop-Tarts World completed the Times Square Junk Food Trifecta and, for all intents and purposes, should have been a good idea. After all, Times Square is the land of the ridiculous, and what’s more ridiculous than a 3,200-square-foot Pop-Tarts store? More »

The Daily WTF: Mila Kunis, Graffiti Artist

The Daily WTF: Mila Kunis, Graffiti Artist

I was walking downtown from NYC’s Union Square on Friday and stumbled upon this tag spray-painted onto the side of an apartment building: a simple and elegant “Mila Kunis” in red, with no apparent explanation. So what’s the deal? Is Mila herself responsible for the graffiti? An obsessive fan? We say it’s the handiwork of Natalie Portman, masked and in a fit of post-pirouette delusion. Also, that’s not spray paint, it’s blood. More »

Check Out the Shorty Award Finalists for Real-Time Photo of the Year

Check Out the Shorty Award Finalists for Real-Time Photo of the Year

Twitpics: With great power comes great responsibility. We’ve witnessed people (mostly celebrities) abuse the power that comes from snapping a photo and immediately posting it to one’s Twitter. But sometimes those candids can raise awareness about social issues — and you have to admit, they’re almost always amusing. The Shorty Awards have announced the six nominees for Real-Time Photo of the Year: A mix of irreverence, gravitas, and awe. (And one shot by a celeb!) More »

New York’s Exclusive Arts Club Doesn’t Hate Women As Much As London Club

New York's Exclusive Arts Club Doesn't Hate Women As Much As London Club

The Century Association is one of New York City’s oldest clubs, and not the kind of club where you can watch Harry Potter pole-dance to dubstep. No, this type of club conjures up imagery of old men rolling cigars while laughing at bawdy jokes as they sip their port, getting ready to discuss matters of importance in the literary and art world.

Of course, all of that has changed in recent years, with women being allowed as members. But not everyone is as progressive as The Century, and their “brother club” the Garrick in London still has a “no girls allowed” policy. Which made a lot of ladiez at The Century angry. Women: still ruining it for everyone! More »