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Body Image Insensitive Brand Pretzel Crisps Advertises At Plus Size Fashion Event

Body Image Insensitive  Brand Pretzel Crisps Advertises At Plus Size Fashion Event

This afternoon, I attended OneStopPlus’s runway show — billed as Fashion Week’s first-ever plus size event (coverage to come!). And what did I find inside the gift bag alongside teeth whitener and a tube of shiny lip gloss? A package of Pretzel Crisps — the baked snack brand that recently came under fire for offensive ads featuring slogans like “You can never be too thin” and “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” More »

Gallery: Behind The Scenes At Charlotte Ronson And Whitney Port’s Fashion Week Parties

Gallery: Behind The Scenes At Charlotte Ronson And Whitney Port's Fashion Week Parties

It’s Fashion Week here in New York, and that means shows all day, parties all night, and hangovers all morning. Crushable’s Drew and I donned our hippest attire (i.e., not jeggings) and headed out to a few events.

First up was the after-party for Charlotte Ronson, whose show was full of patterns and pretty, wearable dresses. The event had an open bar sponsored by O.N.E. Coconut Water (fashion and potassium, together at last), and we took full advantage of the free drinks.

We walked up the steps on the heels of Mark Ronson who was sporting a shock of platinum hair. Drew and I quickly spotted Josh Groban, Rashida Jones and Shenae Grimes amidst a mix of high-heeled and suited-up pretty young things. After grabbing drinks, we arbitrarily parked ourselves nearby to take in the scene. I looked over and realized we were at the table of Charlotte herself, who was holding court next to brother Mark and sister Samantha Ronson. People kept stumbling by to greet the designer and steal ice from the bucket on her table. Drew and I grounded our heels and held onto our prime real estate. We decided to throw haughty looks at anyone who walked our way, and it worked — everyone assumed we were supposed to be at the table. Party infiltration success! More »

Gallery: Celebs Get Their Fashion Week On

Gallery: Celebs Get Their Fashion Week On

Just when you think New York couldn’t possibly get more crowded and stressful, Fashion Week comes along and takes the entire town by storm. Raining models! Haling spike heels! We’ve been out and about all weekend checking in on parties and shows, and have run into a celeb or two. Take a look at our gallery of fashionistas like Michelle Trachtenberg and Rashida Jones hanging out at Fashion Week events. More »

Gallery: Adoptapalooza’s Costumed Pets

Gallery: Adoptapalooza's Costumed Pets

Hey, guys! What are you up to this weekend? Cool, sounds fun. And us? Oh, we’re just heading to a doggy fashion show in Manhattan, no big deal. Animal adoption group Adoptapalooza is putting together a pet-friendly runway to inspire people to take home a dog or two. Because we’re so excited for the show, we went through some photos of Adoptapalooza’s last event and picked out our favorite photos of cute costumed pups. More »