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Chick Flick Check List: New Year’s Eve

Chick Flick Check List: New Year's Eve

Gary Marshall‘s new celebrity montage movie New Year’s Eve is basically an extended infomercial for Mike Bloomberg‘s Times Square. The movie contains more celebrities than Jason Sudeikis‘ bed during SNL‘s off season.

But should you hate watch this movie or skip it? Check out today’s Chick Flick Check List to find out.
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Who Does Hollywood Think They’re Kidding with the ‘New Year’s Eve’ Trailer?

Who Does Hollywood Think They're Kidding with the 'New Year's Eve' Trailer?

Who out there bet that Pink‘s “Raise Your Glass” would be this movie’s theme song? Go collect your winnings — you deserve them. Although this is being billed as the sequel to 2010′s Valentine’s Day, only a few of the actors reprise their roles: Ashton Kutcher, Hector Elizondo, Jessica Biel. Otherwise, it’s fresh meat ready to humiliate themselves in the effort to recreate the wonder of Love Actually. And this movie is the closest in date to that, as it’s set on the tense, hopeful night of December 31. But we think the studio is way overemphasizing the significance of New Year’s Eve. More »

Happy New Year, Snooki Style

Happy New Year, Snooki Style

Why yes, that is a leopard print-clad Snooki inside a glass ball being lowered down from the sky — scheduled to air at the stroke of midnight. MTV’s original plan was for a Times Square ball drop, but after attempting to solidify the plan, the network was booted from the NYC location. So they took Snooki and her glass compartment to the Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights and pre-taped the extravaganza.

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