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In Honor Of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Let’s Relive The Saga’s Best Moments

In Honor Of Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Let's Relive The Saga's Best Moments

The books helped me through my most awkward and vulnerable high school years, and then the films carried me through college. Yes, I saw every movie at midnight. And yes, I’m #TeamEdward. Now that the saga is coming to an end I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing, and I’ve comprised a list of what I consider the seven best moments from the entire saga. More »

Celebrity Lookalikes: Ashley Greene’s ‘Twilight’ Wig and Famous Celebrity Haircuts

Celebrity Lookalikes: Ashley Greene's 'Twilight' Wig and Famous Celebrity Haircuts

Ashley Greene‘s Twilight wig has come a long way: Over the course of five movies, it’s gone from a feathered freakshow to a sleek, gamine look. Greene even said that shooting the two-part Breaking Dawn was the first time she felt truly comfortable in Alice Cullen’s short hair. As proof that frizziness changes appearance, here are the celebrities she resembled at each stage of her fake-hair journey. More »

When Twilight movies face off, everyone winsEclipse‘s first night and first day box office numbers have surpassed everything — except New Moon‘s first day. During its first night out, Eclipse passed its prequel in midnight show earnings, but its $68.5 million first day take couldn’t top New Moon‘s $72.7 million haul. (via E! Online)