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A Fun Quiz For You: Hipster Or ’80s Movie Nerd?

A Fun Quiz For You: Hipster Or '80s Movie Nerd?

Here is a confusing thing: at some point in time, whoever controls fashion trends decided that glasses and mom jeans were worthy of being incorporated into that Byzantine trying-to-get-laid dance known as “the youth culture.” As a result, it’s now nigh impossible to tell who gets shoved into lockers regularly and who just likes Animal Collective. (The nerds, meanwhile, have become the new jocks, what with controlling the world and making billions off your personal info and all. But I digress.) In honor of these topsy turvy times, I challenge you to tell the difference between various hipsters and various ’80s movie nerds. Answers are at the end. No peeking, spaz! More »

CollegeHumor’s ‘Religious People Are Nerds’ Video Makes More Sense Than the Creation Story

CollegeHumor's 'Religious People Are Nerds' Video Makes More Sense Than the Creation Story

My high school was a Catholic private school, where the religious kids were the most popular and there wasn’t much of an arts scene. I was agnostic and into geeky things, so I didn’t hang out with the popular kids. Little did I know, however, that we were virtually the same people! Or so CollegeHumor says. Their new video “Religious People Are Nerds” makes several scarily-logical arguments, like how both social groups get fanatic about their beliefs and take their rules from bearded men. More »

Video: 2Cellos Cover ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ Prove Cello Can Be Badass

Video: 2Cellos Cover 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' Prove Cello Can Be Badass

The same Croatian cello duo that brought you that amazing cover of “Smooth Criminal” is back, and this time they’re tackling Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” “Smells Like Teen Spirit?” you say. “I’ve heard that song so many times I’m not even sure I like it anymore. Nirvana had other songs, you know.” I thought the same thing. But trust me. It’s good. More »

Who Did It Hotter: Frat Guys Vs. Cosplayers?

Who Did It Hotter: Frat Guys Vs. Cosplayers?

Nerds v. Jocks: The eternal battle. The concensus for many years was that nothing was hotter than a guy who played sports and belonged to a prestigious fraternity. But as emo boys became the rage and a bevy of charges lobbed against certain Greek houses made us wary of going to the campus’ hottest Halloween parties, we wondered if geeks might have finally won the war on novelty wear. Below, pics of dude cosplayers (the nerdiest of the nerds) along with photos of some hot frat boys in their underwear (which seems to constitute the majority of their costumes). Which do you think are hotter? More »