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‘Teen Mom 2′ Dad Corey Simms Reportedly Hooked Up with ’16 and Pregnant’ Mom Nikkole Paulun

'Teen Mom 2' Dad Corey Simms Reportedly Hooked Up with '16 and Pregnant' Mom Nikkole Paulun

Well, it looks like the Teen Mom franchise is about to get as incestuous as the Real World one. The Teen Mom Talk website is reporting that Corey Simms, the aw-shucks camo-loving guy who married Leah Messer in the season finale of Teen Mom 2, has hooked up with another MTV star. Corey, who has twin daughters with estranged wife Leah, supposedly flirted with Nikkole Paulun (pictured), a cast member from the second season of 16 and Pregnant, via Facebook and arranged some travel so that they could “spend time together.” More »

Classmates Accuse ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout of Committing a Hit and Run

Classmates Accuse 'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout of Committing a Hit and Run

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom, there was a scene where Maci Bookout drove to the college she attends and met up with ex-boyfriend Ryan in the parking lot to drop off their son Bentley. What we apparently didn’t see was that Maci was responsible for a hit and run in the parking lot before the scene was filmed. Several of Maci’s Chattanooga State classmates witnessed the incident, caught footage on smartphones, and made a video about it. More »

Video: ’16 and Well-Adjusted’ Is the New ’16 and Pregnant’

Video: '16 and Well-Adjusted' Is the New '16 and Pregnant'

For those of you who managed to graduate from high school without a baby in tow and feel like you’re missing out on the reality TV money that Amber Portwood is bringing in for having made bad life decisions, you can now feel better about yourself. 16 and Pregnant has a new spinoff, 16 and Well-Adjusted, which is about girls who turn 16, don’t get pregnant, don’t punch their boyfriends on national television, and go to class once in a freaking while. More »

5 Things You Won’t See on ‘Teen Mom’ This Season

5 Things You Won't See on 'Teen Mom' This Season

Although Teen Mom is a reality show, its version of “reality” is quite skewed. Like most candid reality shows, it has become a victim of its own success. Instead of being a reality show about teen motherhood, it’s a show about four young women who are on a reality show. While we’re getting plenty of drama this season – custody battles, plastic surgery, relationship problems – there’s also a ton of stuff we’re not seeing. Here’s some of what you probably won’t see on Teen Mom this season – or any season. More »

’16 and Pregnant’ Couple Danielle Cunningham and Jamie Alderman Are Broken Up

'16 and Pregnant' Couple Danielle Cunningham and Jamie Alderman Are Broken Up

After Danielle Cunningham‘s episode of 16 and Pregnant, I had my doubts about whether she and baby daddy Jamie Alderman would be able to make it work. Jamie’s Facebook page hints pretty strongly that the combative couple have called it off. Earlier this month, he posted a cryptic “actions speak louder than words, and that’s clear/ so i hope my actions speak loud enough for you to hear.” More »

Why Does Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley’s Daughter Need a Twitter Account?

Why Does Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley's Daughter Need a Twitter Account?

t’s not bad enough that Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley use their Twitter accounts to flirt with each other, fight with each other, and sell stupid T-shirts: now they’re dragging their daughter Leah into the fray. This week they created a Twitter for her (@leah_leann). So far there have only been three tweets, and one of them is a link to Amber’s Facebook fan page. Poor Leah. Not only are her parents neglectful, she is now stuck with them embarrassing her on the internet before she’s old enough to understand what that is. More »

’16 and Pregnant’ Star Aubrey Akeril Has An Arrest Record

'16 and Pregnant' Star Aubrey Akeril Has An Arrest Record

When she appeared on the 16 and Pregnant reunion a few weeks ago, I was one of many people who speculated that Aubrey Akeril (pictured, with son Austin) was using drugs.

In her segment, Aubrey talked about her marriage falling apart, sounded like she had no idea where she was, had glassy eyes, and made references to “partying.” Well, it turns out that my guess wasn’t too far off base – Radar reports that Aubrey was arrested last year for shoplifting $30 worth of cosmetics from Wal-Mart. More »

This Is A Photo of The Situation Supposedly Quitting ‘Jersey Shore’

This Is A Photo of The Situation Supposedly Quitting 'Jersey Shore'

This morning, several photo agencies (including WENN, which is where we got this one from) are running what they claim is a photo of The Situation storming off the set of Jersey Shore and possibly quitting the show. This image on WENN ran with the caption “Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino got into a quarrel during filming of ‘Jersey Shore,’ ripped off his microphone, and stormed off the set. Seaside Heights, New Jersey.” More »

5 Facts About the ‘Teen Mom’ Season 3 Premiere Aftershow

5 Facts About the 'Teen Mom' Season 3 Premiere Aftershow

As a special treat for Teen Mom junkies (okay, fine, just me) posts aftershows after each episode. Hosted by SuChin Pak, this is a chance for the cast members to address stuff in real time after they’ve watched the episodes. (The episodes for this season were taped last fall and winter, so there are often updates or clarifications.) For the Teen Mom aftershows, other teen moms who aren’t famous or on TV come and sit in the studio – on cushions, of course, since only MTV stars get actual couches or chairs – to ask questions or nod approvingly. More »

Parenting Lessons from ‘Teen Mom’: Don’t Text Your Baby Mama When She’s Standing Right There

Parenting Lessons from 'Teen Mom': Don't Text Your Baby Mama When She's Standing Right There

Aaaaaaaaaaaand here we are: the four original Teen Moms are back for one more season on MTV. I already made my wishlist for this season, but the next few weeks will show whether I was completely off base. The timeline of the shows and the lag between taping and airing means that we already know about most of the major events of this season – but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch it anyway. On a shallow note, everyone’s hair and makeup looks way better this season. More »

4 More Reasons Vinny Guadagnino Might Have Quit ‘Jersey Shore’

4 More Reasons Vinny Guadagnino Might Have Quit 'Jersey Shore'

Over the weekend, TMZ reported that Vinny Guadagnino was spotted packing up his stuff and moving out of the Jersey Shore house. He reportedly said that he was “burned out,” which makes sense considering the cast went straight from Italy to Point Pleasant without taking a break in filming. There have also been rumors that Vinny got into a fight with another member of the cast (I’m guessing either Ronnie or The Situation, since Vinny and Pauly seem to be really tight and Pauly was seen helping Vinny pack). Vinny’s now back in Staten Island with his mom, who is probably ironing his underwear, making him food, and telling him what a special snowflake he is. But are there other reasons Vinny might have left the show? More »

‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Admits She Got a Boob Job

'Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham Admits She Got a Boob Job

Although anyone who saw these bikini pictures of Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham could tell that she’d had plastic surgery, Farrah herself confirmed in an interview that she’d had (her words) “a breast augmentation.” In a preview for the new season of Teen Mom, which begins next Tuesday, Farrah says that she couldn’t deal with her “post-baby body” and decided to get work done. More »