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‘Teen Mom’ Needs A Drink(ing Game)

'Teen Mom' Needs A Drink(ing Game)

Any MTV reality show is terrific drinking game fodder, but Teen Mom is better than most– maybe because everyone on it isn’t getting smashed themselves all the time. It’s no fun to play a drinking game to scenes of people who are drunker than you are. But it’s great fun to play a drinking game to scenes of family drama, so grab your sippy cup, fill it with your booze of choice, and get rolling! More »

Leno’s ‘Taylor Swift’s Surprise’ Raises Question

Leno's 'Taylor Swift's Surprise' Raises Question

Yesterday, The New York Times called the bluff of a major television show ripping off comedy from the Internet. No, South Park wasn’t after those guys from CollegeHumor again: instead Richy Four Four (aka Richie Juzwiak), an editor over at claimed that Jay Leno‘s producers had called him asking for permission to use the Taylor Swift montage that Richie created with producer Kate Spencer.
Richie said yes, as long as proper attribution was given. Not to much to ask for, right? Fast forward to Monday night. More »