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What If Dan Savage Was the Third Savage Brother?

What If Dan Savage Was the Third Savage Brother?

We all know Fred Savage, who portrayed a tween then teen growing up in the 60s on The Wonder Years, and his brother Ben Savage, who played basically the same part in the 90s on Boy Meets World.

What you might not know is there’s a third Savage brother, Dan Savage, and after years of writing a popular sex advice column and championing gay rights, he’s getting his reward, the American dream: a starring role on a coming of age sitcom. More »

Sex on the Wire: Amanda Seyfried’s More Than A Mean Girl… She’s Now Ryan Phillipe’s Girlfriend

Sex on the Wire: Amanda Seyfried's More Than A Mean Girl... She's Now Ryan Phillipe's Girlfriend

Amanda Seyfried talks about her new relationship with Ryan Phillipe and her past heartbreak with Dominic Cooper. (People)

A conservative columnist claims that monogamous sex is best for society. (The Frisky)

New research suggests that having a deluded view of your husband or wife means you’re more likely to have a successful marriage. (Boston) More »