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We Heard From Joe Millionaire, He Sounds Really Nice, Self-Aware

We Heard From Joe Millionaire, He Sounds Really Nice, Self-Aware

Well, now we feel terrible.

Yesterday we ran a post where we mentioned that we thought Joe Millionaire (Evan Marriott) was a terrible person because of and interview he gave years ago stating that he wanted a blond with a cute little bubble butt. Sometimes we just throw out vitriol. Then we got the following incredibly nice, self aware letter from him. Ugh! He is a person! Sometimes we forget reality stars are people! We are jerks. We told him the following letter changed our opinion of him, and that we think it will change yours, too. Though the goatee still isn’t working for him. We stand by that. He explains: More »

We Crashed A MAXIM Casting Call (And This Is What Happened)

We Crashed A MAXIM Casting Call (And This Is What Happened)

Tuesday was my first day at TheGloss! Yeah! I packed my lunch, I wore my cool rag & bone jeans (kickbacks? Anyone?) and headed to the offices in beautiful Midtown Manhattan. I was barely there an hour before they sent me out on my first assignment! And they gave me a camera! And a notebook! I’m not going to be one of those interns who just gets everybody coffee. I have a REAL ASSIGNMENT.

And what is my first assignment? A Maxim open call.

That’s all the information I have going in. In my head (and because I’m wearing a trench coat) I jump at the opportunity to say this is an undercover piece. Undercover how, I’m not sure… but I’ll figure out the details later and maybe score some airbrushed photos in the process. And then glory will be mine! Glory and a Peabody. More »

Bret Easton Ellis and Alex Pettyfer Both Want Alex Pettyfer to Star in ‘Glamorama’

Bret Easton Ellis and Alex Pettyfer Both Want Alex Pettyfer to Star in 'Glamorama'

Last we heard, the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis‘ novel Glamorama (about models-turned-terrorists) was stalled, with director Roger Avary to helm it but no actual deal worked out. Avary adapted The Rules of Attraction as well as Glitterati, a short film that acts as sort of a bridge between the two books — so he seems to have the support of all involved. But now there may be a new entrant to Ellis’ world: Current Hollywood bad boy Alex Pettyfer. More »

A Look Back at Petra Nemcova’s Tenure on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

A Look Back at Petra Nemcova's Tenure on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Historically, models have not fared well as Dancing with the Stars contestants – they often lack the name recognition of actors or athletes. Though Paulina Porizkova and Josie Maran were not long for Dancing, it seemed like Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova had a chance of breaking the “model curse.” Because of her well-known story about surviving the Indian Ocean tsunami several years ago, she was able to connect with the audience and translate her story into a beautiful dance. Unfortunately, her good scores weren’t enough to keep her on the show, as she was eliminated last night. More »

Hot Shot: Petey Wright

Hot Shot: Petey Wright

It’s still super gray and gloomy out, so we might just stare at this photo of Petey Wright from the fall issue of Citizen K until we cheer up. Petey’s a 22-year-old model from Nashville who totally has a James Dean-meets-Johnny Depp thing gong on. And did we mention his name is Petey? Swoon. More »

Video: Major ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ Goof

Video: Major 'Australia's Next Top Model' Goof

Things got super awkward during yesterday’s Australia’s Next Top Model finale after host Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner. This season, A(u)NTM decided to select its champ via an audience vote, and broadcasted the result live. The not-winner got halfway through her “I love my fans so much” speech before Sarah was informed of the mistake. Whoops! More »

Fashion Week Backstage: Dressing Models for Doo-Ri Chung’s Show

Fashion Week Backstage: Dressing Models for Doo-Ri Chung's Show

This year I was fortunate enough to be asked to help out dressing models at Doo-Ri Chung’s Spring 2011 show in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2010. The show was not held at Bryant Park, but instead the venue was a trendy art gallery in Chelsea called Eyebeam Gallery. I had done the dressing for the same show a year before so I wasn’t as nervous as I was this time last year. When I got there, everyone was fussing over hair and makeup. Only two of the models had arrived on time, so we dressers were herded into a corner until they had something for us to do. More »