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Scary-Skinny Ali Lohan’s First Cover Is Ironically For Fault Magazine

Scary-Skinny Ali Lohan's First Cover Is Ironically For Fault Magazine

Newly-minted fashion model Aliana Lohan – with her newly-minted face — has already done two inappropriately sexual photo shoots. Her latest gig, which got her the cover, is closer to high-fashion than skeevy exploitation… but you have to giggle at the fact that it’s for a magazine called Fault.

What angers us most about this situation is that Ali’s startlingly skinny body and likely surgically-enhanced face are a cry for help, but are either ignored or encouraged by mother Dina. More »

5 Facts About Jack Osbourne’s FiancĂ©e Lisa Stelly

5 Facts About Jack Osbourne's Fiancée Lisa Stelly

Jack Osbourne is engaged—and it’s his fiancĂ©e Lisa Stelly who broke the news. The aspiring actress tweeted about it last night. Surprisingly, there are absolutely no details about how the two met — though we know that Jack’s been spending time behind the camera as a filmmaker — and how he asked her. But we did manage to scrounge up 5 facts about Lisa! More »

Gallery: Surprise! Ali Lohan’s First Modeling Gig Is Inappropriately Sexual

Gallery: Surprise! Ali Lohan's First Modeling Gig Is Inappropriately Sexual

The more we find out about 17-year-old Ali Lohan‘s new modeling career, the more disheartened we feel. First there were allegations of plastic surgery and extreme weight loss, and now we see that the fruit of Ali’s labors have added over-sexualization to the list of offenses.Her first job, for the jean brand PRVCY, has her looking all pouty with her midriff bared and her ass in the air. Appropriate behavior from a minor, no? More »

Amy Poehler Used To Be A Hospital Model!

Amy Poehler Used To Be A Hospital Model!

We still can’t believe that these images weren’t taken as part of some viral campaign to promote tonight’s 3rd season premiere Parks and Recreation. But Tumblrette Franny-Glass found the photos of comedy star Amy Poehler dressed as some sort of terrifyingly chipper candy-stripe girl in Getty Images’ stock photography section, and who are we to say that 10 years ago Amy wasn’t struggling to make ends meet and turned to the sordid world of catalogue modeling to pay the bills? We’ve all been there girl. (Via Buzzfeed) More »