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Crush Links: Drew Barrymore Is Gross

Crush Links: Drew Barrymore Is Gross

Drew Barrymore says Justin Long brings out her “giggly joy.” Ugh. (People)

Leonardo DiCaprio bought himself an exotic turtle that can live up to 70 years…by which time we may have forgiven him for Shutter Island. (TMZ)

Brian Austin Green just hates being in the center of attention, but he guesses he’ll tolerate it for his love, Megan Fox. (PopEater)

Kelly Osbourne: Super grateful to be famous You hear that, Brian Austin Green?? (TheFrisky)

Ryan Reynolds is producing a comedy for NBC. Hopefully it won’t be as smug as he is. (Vulture)

Snooki stole someone’s boyfriend, though the woman only found out while watching an episode of Jersey Shore. (RadarOnline)

Miley Cyrus is well on her way to becoming the next Lindsay Lohan…at least in terms of dangerous driving behavior. (Betty Confidential) More »