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Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee Makes Valid Point, World Explodes

Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee Makes Valid Point, World Explodes

Look, we’re not condoning this, but we’ve all (maybe?) been there before: You either hook up a guy that you didn’t know was dating/engaged/married to another chick (or dude!), or you did know but just figured what that lady didn’t know couldn’t hurt her. We’re not saying it’s the best decision in the world, and obviously if you are a naked White Power model with tattoos on your forehead, you are going to be an easy target for the press. But amazingly, after apologizing to Sandra Bullock on Australian television for having an affair with her husband (one of many, and did the rest of these chicks apologize yet?), Michelle actually made a good point for WP (woman power!). Stop blaming the other chicks for your BF’s indiscretions. More »