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Taylor Swift Reportedly Embarrassed By People’s Jokes, Worried The Public Will Write A Song About Her

Taylor Swift Reportedly Embarrassed By People's Jokes, Worried The Public Will Write A Song About Her

The way I see it, there’s only one thing that can happen now. Taylor Swift, worried that the general public will use their collective unconscious to write a scathing song about her that will be broadcast across the globe like the alien music in Close Encounters, will beat us to the punch and write a break-up song about us. Or just about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I don’t think she’s decided yet. More »

13 Actors Who Could Have Played Iconic Roles

13 Actors Who Could Have Played Iconic Roles

Severus Snape? Alan Rickman. Marty McFly? Michael J. Fox. Vivian Ward? Julia Roberts. We all know and love these characters, and their actors’ portrayals of them were so perfect, it can be hard to imagine anyone else playing them. But guess what? If things had gone a little differently, Alan Rickman might not have landed Snape, Michael J. Fox may not have donned Marty’s orange vest, and Julia Roberts may not have become one of the world’s most well-known prostitutes. That’s right: Each of these characters were originally pitched to different actors, and in some cases, were even recast midway through shooting. What other iconic characters might have ended up being played by totally different actors? Read on to find out! More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Back to the Future’

Virgin Viewing: 'Back to the Future'

So, I finally got around to watching Back to the Future, and it really was as enjoyable as everyone told me it would be. Though some of the references haven’t aged well (I love a good Ronald Reagan joke as much as the next girl, but still), the movie is still funny, endearing, and a lot of fun. Perhaps because it was more lighthearted than some of the other films I’ve watched for this feature, I just found myself making a list of thoughts as they came along. More »

Trailer: MTV’s New ‘Teen Wolf’ Will Never Match Up to the Original

Trailer: MTV's New 'Teen Wolf' Will Never Match Up to the Original

Teen Wolf has been in our hearts since it first came out in 1985. With Michael J. Fox in the lead role fresh off Back to the Future, we knew that this was gonna be a classic. The movie we remember was funny, teen-friendly and not gruesome. Just a kid with an everyday problem, that problem being … he’s a wolf. MTV has now decided to have a go at the classic, and it looks downright horrible. More »

Gallery: Extremely Awkward Marty McFly Costumes

Gallery: Extremely Awkward Marty McFly Costumes

Back to the Future celebrates its 25th anniversary today, which shouldn’t be confused with Back to the Future Day, which apparently was a hoax anyway. And we still haven’t received our hoverboards yet! (I’m definitely the first person to make that joke!)

To commemorate the first time we ever thought the idea of “Under the Sea” would make a terrible prom theme, we searched the dregs of the Internet for the most uncomfortable-looking Marty McFlys since Michael J. Fox realized his mom was trying to bone him. More »