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Meme Alert: People With Lana Del Rey Lips

Meme Alert: People With Lana Del Rey Lips

Love her or hate her, the most recognizable feature of Vegas-bound internet meme Lana Del Rey is those overstuffed lips of hers. But how would said lips look on someone else? Even more ridiculous, of course. The aptly titled blog People With Lana Del Rey Lips is dedicated to Photoshopping her wonky kisser onto people like George Clooney, Justin Bieber, and even the President, with sexy results. Here are some of my favorites. More »

Crushable Presents: Kyle MacLachlan’s Face, Meme-i-fied

Crushable Presents: Kyle MacLachlan's Face, Meme-i-fied

Did you know that actor Kyle MacLachlan (of Twin Peaks and Portlandia fame) makes wine? I didn’t, so when I saw this Gilt Groupe ad for his sweet, sweet nectar last Friday, I nearly lost my shit. There he was, just peering through the leaves as if to say, “OHAI, Diane. Agent Dale Cooper here. I just made you some delicious wine, NBD, perhaps you’d like to drink it.” It wasn’t long before a few folks on Tumblr turned this ridiculous picture into a meme by ‘shopping him into places where he didn’t belong (OR DID HE?), and we wanted to get in on the fun. I have yet to meet a meme that can’t be improved by his gracefully aging, handsome, wise, wonderful, glorious face. More »