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Crush Links: Britney Spears Would Allegedly Expose Herself Until She Was Given Her Favorite Soda

Crush Links: Britney Spears Would Allegedly Expose Herself Until She Was Given Her Favorite Soda

Britney Spears‘ former bodyguard claims he has nude photos that she sent to him. He also claims she used to expose herself to him until he bought her cans of soda. Not much else to say. (The Superficial)

Charlie Sheen officially got the ax from Two and a Half Men. He also refers to one of the producers as “whatshiscock.” (The Frisky)

But, the creator of The Walking Dead, says he wants Charlie Sheen on his show. (Perez Hilton) More »

Gallery: Celebrities Who Have Been Accused of Anti-Semitism

Gallery: Celebrities Who Have Been Accused of Anti-Semitism

In case you’ve been living under a rock in the past week, you’ve probably heard about designer John Galliano‘s getting suspended from Christian Dior after he reportedly unleashed a string of anti-Semitic remarks in a cafe and was arrested. Now, another woman is stepping forward and released a video of him ranting, saying to her, “I love Hitler” and “People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f****** gassed.” He also calls her ugly. None of the people he insulted actually were Jewish, but John Galliano must have believed they were (stereotype much?). Nevertheless, everyone who was on the receiving end of the remarks was horrified at his hateful words.

It appears that John Galliano might be an anti-Semite, or at the very least, a giant asshole. Unfortunately, he’s not the one to make himself look like an anti-Semite, or at least put his foot in his mouth big-time. Here are some celebrities who have made anti-Semitic statements in the past. More »

Crush Links: Mark Your Calendars – Charlie Sheen’s Going to Do an Interview

Crush Links: Mark Your Calendars - Charlie Sheen's Going to Do an Interview

In case you missed the Oscars, we’ve found a way to keep you in the loop. Here’s the full list of the 2011 Oscars winners. (People)

The only drug Charlie Sheen is on is “Charlie Sheen” … or so he claims. Here’s a video clip of Charlie’s upcoming ABC interview, which premieres on Tuesday, March 1, on ABC. (Perez Hilton)

Is it just me or does this friendship not make any sense? Vanessa Hudgens met up with Nicole Richie at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party. (Just Jared) More »

Winona Ryder Speaks Out About Mel Gibson’s Anti-Semitic “Oven Dodger” Joke

Winona Ryder Speaks Out About Mel Gibson's Anti-Semitic "Oven Dodger" Joke

After Mel Gibson‘s DUI-related anti-semitic rant four years ago, the world seemed pretty shocked to hear of the actor’s apparently deeply-rooted racism. But Winona Ryder claims she’s known about Mel’s bigotry for years, claiming he’s both anti-semitic and homophobic — and in no way shy about letting those opinions out. In an interview with GQ, Winona explained: More »

Update: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Did Not Steal A Funny Or Die Video, Has Never Stolen Anything

Update: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Did Not Steal A Funny Or Die Video, Has Never Stolen Anything

Yesterday, we reported the modern-day Prince and Pauper tale of a pair of similar Beaver parody videos: One, a humble Funny or Die web piece and the other a segment from ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Both intercut the trailer with chioce portions of Mel Gibson‘s infamous phone calls to Oksana Grigorieva. Our interview with the Funny or Die video’s creator led us to believe that his idea may have been thefted by Jimmy and co., but the show’ co-head writer, Gary Greenberg, cleared the rumor up:

“While it may seem implausible that more than one party could conceive such a groundbreaking idea simultaneously, that is the case. In fact, five of our nine writers pitched the identical idea. We have never stolen anything from anyone.”

More »

Did Jimmy Kimmel Steal A Video From Funny Or Die?

Did Jimmy Kimmel Steal A Video From Funny Or Die?

Over the weekend, a video parodying the trailer for Mel Gibson’s new movie, Beaver, hit the web. On Monday, a very similar video aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The two vids, brilliant in their obviousness, intercut the trailer with Mel Gibson’s infamous phone calls to ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

The trailer on Kimmel wasn’t the exact same one but rather makes use of the phone call conceit. Of course it’s possible that Jimmy’s writers simply had the same idea — it is the logical joke, after all. However, the original video was on the front page of Funny or Die and heavily linked around the web. And here’s the kicker: On Monday, one of the video’s creators, Dan Samiljan, tweeted a link to the video at Jimmy Kimmel. Then, a day later, he was blocked from Jimmy’s account. Dan explained the situation to us: More »

Mel Gibson Going For Another Slam-Dunk With The Beaver? – The Internet is grudgingly admitting that the trailer to Gibson’s first post-wife-beating film doesn’t look that bad. Hey, the man may be insane, but he does know how to create a compelling narrative! (The Frisky)

Crush Links: Take That Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson is Engaged Too

Crush Links: Take That Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson is Engaged Too

Jessica Simpson is engaged to boyfriend Eric Johnson. Translation: Suck it Nick Lachey! (US)

Mel Gibson may have gotten blackballed from The Hangover 2, but Bill Clinton made the cut. The former president is filming a cameo for the sequel in Bangkok.(People)

Taylor Momsen thinks her parents abused her by making her a child actress. But look how cute she was! (celebuzz)

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps may be dating one time Gastineau Girls star Brittny Gastineau. (TMZ)

The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are renewing their marriage vows. But that’s not going to get them out of debt. Also, a porn company wants them to direct skin flicks. (Us)

Yess. We love Lizzy Caplan. And the former Party Down star has signed on guest-star in Mr. Sunshine, a new ABC sitcom starring Matthew Perry and Alison Janney. More »

Crush Links: Snooki Is Celibate – Or Dating Pauly D?

Crush Links: Snooki Is Celibate - Or Dating Pauly D?

Snooki‘s not smushing? The Jersey Shore star claims she’s been celibate for three months. (Celebuzz)

Or is Snooki pregnant and dating Pauly D? We can’t decide which nonsense to believe. (MTV Australia)

Either way, we may be mourning last night’s season finale of The Jersey Shore, but MTV has announced the Macaroni Rascals will be back on our TVs January 6. Woot. (HollywoodReporter)

Penn Badgley is planning to give Gossip Girl costar Taylor Momsen some competition on stage. He’s got some songs in the works to be released soon. (InTouch)

Zach Galifinakis and crew canceled Mel Gibson‘s comeback in the Hangover 2 has been cancelled. (Hollywood Reporter)

Oh no. The Black Eyed Peas have butchered the chorus from Dirty Dancing song “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life” in a new song. (Vulture)

Actually this pairing makes sense to us – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. (InTouch)

This one won’t even need a real rewrite. Sister Wives is set to become a porno. (HollywoodLife) More »