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9 Hot Celebrities Who Don’t Think They’re Hot

9 Hot Celebrities Who Donât Think Theyâre Hot

Oh, to be a beautiful, famous celebrity. Sometimes people compliment you on being totally hot, and you have to respond. What do you say? You can’t agree wholeheartedly, because then you look cocky. But you also can’t just say a simple “thank you” because then we all turn into Regina George and assume you agree anyway. So you deny it. But then we all roll our eyes and tell you to shut up because LOOK AT YOU. More »

15 Actresses Who Could Play Wonder Woman With Their Eyes Closed

15 Actresses Who Could Play Wonder Woman With Their Eyes Closed

Instead of waiting to introduce Wonder Woman in the 2017 Justice League movie, let’s take our heads out of our asses for one quick second and take a gander around Hollywood. Because this place is stacked — literally stacked — with women who could play this role in their sleep. And to prove my point, I’m gonna list fifteen of the most famous ones so we can get going on this blockbuster. There are young girls to inspire! More »

Five Wacky Facts From Megan Fox’s Latest Esquire Profile

Five Wacky Facts From Megan Fox's Latest Esquire Profile

Hey kids! Want to know some wacky facts about everyone’s favorite frankenbabe, Megan Fox? You’re in luck, because Esquire just published a spanking new profile that’s just chock full of interesting Megan-Fox-alia. In addition to the usual truisms like “Megan Fox is attractive” and “people are jealous of Megan Fox’s attractiveness,” it contains a treasure trove of insider info on this beautiful creature. Read and learn. More »