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Interview: Mad Men‘s Kit Williamson Spills Behind-The-Scenes Stories

Interview: Mad Men's Kit Williamson Spills Behind-The-Scenes Stories

The recent agency merger on Mad Men did more than just reunite Peggy Olson and Don Draper. It also brought a couple of new copywriters into the mix at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. One of those copywriters is the bespectacled Ed Gifford. While we’re still waiting for Ed to reveal his secrets, the actor who plays him, Kit Williamson, had his own on-set scoop to share when I talked to him. More »

Which Two ‘Mad Men’ Characters Would You Kill Off?

Which Two 'Mad Men' Characters Would You Kill Off?

Although Mad Men fans have been clamoring for a fifth season ever since the fourth one ended, creator/producer Matt Weiner is locked in negotiations with AMC. Reportedly, they want him to cut costs on the show by either trimming the length of the show to fit in some more ads or by cutting two regular cast members. Although Mad Men has one of the best casts on TV, there are still some places where Weiner could make cuts without hurting the quality of the show. More »