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The Daily WTF: Monster Vagina Fleshlights

The Daily WTF: Monster Vagina Fleshlights

Pumpkin-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and orange-colored Oreos: both well appreciated Halloween-themed products. But that’s because they’re things to eat and not tools for male masturbation. Fleshlight, the vagina-facsimile masturbation sleeve brand, is releasing four monster-themed “Freak” toys just in time for Halloween. There’s Drac, pictured here, Frankenstein, a zombie and a cyborg. More »

Celebrity Sex Dreams: Cliff Huxtable Is Down with Masturbation

Celebrity Sex Dreams: Cliff Huxtable Is Down with Masturbation

I’ve never had a sex dream about a celebrity. (I’m not sure I have ever had a “sex dream” at all, in fact. I’ve had dreams with lots of foreplay, but something generally interrupts before any actual sex takes place. Someone reminds me about something I need to do. Or the woman just suddenly disappears. Or the Nazis show up.) But for about a year between the ages of 13 and 14, I had a recurrent dream of a sexual nature involving a celebrity. In the dream, I am lying on my bed, pleasuring myself, when the door swings open and standing there is Cliff Huxtable. Not Bill Cosby, mind you, though clearly it is, but in the dream I absolutely know that the man standing there is Cliff Huxtable — and he’s my dad. There I am, mid-stroke, looking up at him in shock, but not quite able to stop what I am doing. And instead of reacting as my real father would, with an embarrassed gasp and an awkward retreat, Cliff just said, “Carry on, son,” and shut the door. And I would. Carry on.
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The Daily WTF: Is ‘Thank Your Wank’ the End of the Internet?

The Daily WTF: Is 'Thank Your Wank' the End of the Internet?

This morning, I got a press release about a new site called Thank Your Wank, which, as far as I can tell, is a place for finding photos of people to jerk off to. As if that were hard to do, in any way? The way it works: you type in the name of the person you most recently “wanked” to, and image results of their faces show up. I typed in Ryan Gosling‘s name, because, well… you don’t need to know why, okay? Jeez, get off my back. More »

Crushable And Avenger Comedy Presents: The Beat-Off Shed

Crushable And Avenger Comedy Presents: The Beat-Off Shed

We are freaking out in joy to bring you guys the latest installment (after a brief hiatus) of John Ungaro‘s Avenger Comedy series. Though you may be in love now, it’s never too early to start thinking about prenups, as this sketch “Divorce Proceedings” is quick to remind you. Screw custody battles over the kids: when dividing up your belongings make sure you get sole ownership of the beat-off shed. More »

How Often Do Girls Think Men ‘Choke the Chicken?’

How Often Do Girls Think Men 'Choke the Chicken?'

(I occasionally write sex advice columns for This was my most recent query.)
Dear Drew: How Much Jacking is too much?

How many times a day do you think it’s normal for a dude beat his meat? I don’t want a statistic, like how often the average guy actually paddles his pickle, but what you or other girls think is normal.

Anyway, I think that, just like how guys can’t ever show girls the porn they actually shake the snake to, they also can’t be honest about how regularly they yank the crank. I want to know the discrepancy between how often girls think guys buff the banana and how often guys really butter the corn…… choke the chicken…… drain the monster……. free Willy…… OK, I’m done now.

Dear Harry Palms, More »

Sex On the Wire: Plugged In While Plugging Away

Sex On the Wire: Plugged In While Plugging Away

• A large portion of America thinks its fine to leave your computer/cell/whatever on during sex. We mean…yeah, what are you supposed to take the time to power down in the heat of passion? (Yahoo)

• A response to Christine O’Donnell’s masturbation PSA…10 years later. (YourTango)

• Reading books about vampires actually change the way your brain works. Well we already knew it makes you crazy. (BettyConfidential)

• Studies prove that women find older men even sexier now. Great. What about older women? (Lemondrop)

• Another “no ‘duh” moment: Being in a relationship means you hang out less with your friends. Sad, but totally true. (Nerve)

• Dude this GOP strategist lady will not stop hitting on poor Tony Blair. She even says he looks like he has a high “threshold for pain.” (At the 6 minute mark) (MSNBC) More »