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Casting HBO’s TV Adaptation Of The Corrections

Casting HBO's TV Adaptation Of The Corrections

It’s official, the film adaptation of Jonathan Franzen‘s novel The Corrections will air as a series on HBO. Hooray – I love that book so much! Dianne Wiest and Chris Cooper are already cast as the matriarch and patriarch of a dysfunctional family, but who will play the other characters? Like annoyingly rebellious academic Chip? Or chef Denise, who’s exploring her sexuality? Here’s my dream cast — take notes, HBO. More »

Weeds Season Finale Recap: ‘Ain’t A Boy On This Planet Don’t Need Something Green’

Weeds Season Finale Recap: 'Ain't A Boy On This Planet Don't Need Something Green'

After an uneven but mostly entertaining seventh season, the finale to the latest Weeds cycle left something to be desired. Band Aid solutions, a lack of real tension, and a cliffhanger out of fucking nowhere all made for a finale that was somewhat less thrilling than the airport stand-off of season six. Then again, once you’ve had Nancy turn herself into the FBI to save herself and her family from being murdered by a Mexican drug boss/mayor, it’s hard to figure out where to go from there. More »

Weeds S7E10 Recap: “But She Started It!”

Weeds S7E10 Recap: "But She Started It!"

Throughout this show’s entire absurd run, Nancy has depleted our empathy for her in a plethora of fun-to-watch ways. This is a woman who’s lied, abused her magic vagina powers, set things on fire, and gotten people killed, all while sipping lackadaisically on venti low-fat lattes. But despite it all, her abiding love for her sons remains her sole redeeming virtue, and we got to see that in action last night thanks to Shane and Silas’ respective slip-ups. More »

Weeds S7E9 Recap: “Thanks For Last Night”

Weeds S7E9 Recap: "Thanks For Last Night"

This episode finally saw Nancy get out from under the fascist boots of both the law and Zoya, only to land back in the kind of hot water with which she’s familiar: hot water that is full of rival drug dealers. This episode was all about subverting our expectations. Smart Shane did something stupid, competent Silas did something incompetent, and Doug Wilson actually did something helpful! More »

Am I Right Ladies? The No-Nonsense Womyn of Cable

Am I Right Ladies? The No-Nonsense Womyn of Cable

Who says we don’t have good female role models on cable television? Sure, there’s plenty of ladies slumming it on trashy reality shows, but there are also plenty of sexy, type-A ladies who know their way around a fierce button-up blouse. These womyn can shoot guns, catch bad guys, win court cases and save lives as good as any man – and they do it in pumps! If that isn’t female empowerment, I don’t know what is. Seriously, I don’t know anymore. It may be a man’s world, but the boys be droolin’ while the girls be rulin,’ amirightladies? More »