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10 Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated For An Oscar (But Really Should Have)

10 Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated For An Oscar (But Really Should Have)

Finally after being in the industry since the late 1970′s, Gary Oldman got the Oscar nomination that he should have received easily more than a few times so far in his career. When the Academy Award nominees were announced yesterday, Oldman found himself in the Best Actor category for his role in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. But why did it take so long for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to acknowledge this phenomenal actor? More »

Check Out Sad Andrew Garfield and Awesome Spidey in the First ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer

Check Out Sad Andrew Garfield and Awesome Spidey in the First 'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer

The first trailer for Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man has landed, and it looks pretty fantastic. It’s obviously grittier than the Sam Raimi movies — which dipped into camp by the third one — and in this teaser alone, I caught two things that the originals didn’t touch upon: What actually happens to Peter Parker’s parents, and the fact that the radioactive spider sticks around for a little while after biting him. But you know what both films have? A flair for the dramatic. More »

Crushable Books: Stories Rob Lowe Only Tells His Many Many Many Friends

Crushable Books: Stories Rob Lowe Only Tells His Many Many Many Friends

Rob Lowe has written a memoir entitled Stories I Only Tell My Friends. Before reading the book, you might guess the title is a marketing ploy. If these are stories he only tells his friends, then you, by buying the book, have befriended Rob Lowe! He’s letting you in!

After reading his epic, however, you realize this title was Lowe’s idea, but some editor axed his original subtitle. Because, obviously Mr. Lowe wanted the cover to read Stories I Only Tell My Friends (Charlie, Demi, Martin, Emilio, Tom, Patrick, Bill, John Jr., and Sean). While all celebrity autobiographies are bound to suffer from some name dropping, its the element of surprise that really brings Lowe’s famous friends from footnote to the forefront. More »

Excerpts From 20/20′s ‘Charlie Sheen: In His Own Words’

Excerpts From 20/20's 'Charlie Sheen: In His Own Words'

Charlie Sheen‘s been in the media everywhere lately for alleged drug use, love of porn stars, alleged domestic violence, and erratic behavior. He gave rambling radio interviews and just decided to do an ABC 20/20 interview from inside his home. There was a lot about this interview I didn’t understand: why he drinks water through his eyes, who the fuck the “Goddesses” are, why he uses such nerdy terminology (“winning,” “terrestrial realm,” “wizard,” and “warlock,” to name a few). I have to sympathize with him. He seems like he’s going through such a rough time, and he gave me like 20 of my craziest quotes in the first seven minutes of his interview. So, here are some of the most bizarre quotes from the interview: More »

Celebrities Poke Fun at Charlie Sheen on Twitter

Celebrities Poke Fun at Charlie Sheen on Twitter

In a rare moment of bravery, celebrities have chosen to put the PR bullshit aside and concentrate on what really matters: a good Charlie Sheen joke. Us Magazine reports that various celebrities have taken to Twitter, posting their best Charlie Sheen one-liners, ranging from his personal problems to Two and a Half Men being pulled from the air indefinitely. Here are some of our favorites More »

Crush Links: Charlie Sheen Doesn’t Think He Needs Rehab, Denise Richards Isn’t Doing A Tell-All

Crush Links: Charlie Sheen Doesn't Think He Needs Rehab, Denise Richards Isn't Doing A Tell-All

Charlie Sheen doesn’t think he needs rehab. So he’s staying at home, because he’s “fine.” (Radar)

Meanwhile, his parents Martin Sheen and Janet are trying to take over conservatorship of his life. (Radar)

And lucky for Charlie, his ex-wife Denise Richards isn’t trying to cash in with a tell all. (PopEater)

You won’t like Christian Bale when he’s crazy. The Aussie said that if he wasn’t an actor, “he’d go nuts.” What is he now? (Us)

Thanks to her real life salvia scandal, producers of Miley Cyrus’ film LOL are editing her out of a bong smoking scene. (Us)

The cast of Glee – minus Jane Lynch and Lea Michele – reportedly apologized to Lindsay Lohan for making fun of her on the show. (TMZ)

Is Vanessa Minillo pregnant? Possibly. She seems very open to the idea of having a baby before her engagement to Nick Lachey leads to marriage. (CelebrityGossip)
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