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Crushable Books: 5 Chapters of Russell Brand’s ‘Booky Wook 2′ Inspired By Katy Perry Lyrics

Crushable Books: 5 Chapters of Russell Brand's 'Booky Wook 2' Inspired By Katy Perry Lyrics

Russell Brand married Katy Perry less than 5 days ago, so it’s no surprise that chapters from his latest memoir, Booky Wook 2, have already been leaked to the press. Hey, you have to keep yourself media-fresh, even if that means using your matrimony as a vehicle to promote your book tour.

And what a book it is! Although Crushable hasn’t retained a copy, excerpts on Lemondrop reveal that Russell is truly the Janice Dickinson of British authors: he drops names, gives salacious details about his experiences having sex with a lactating mother which he entitles “Human Yoghurt,” and even mentions an understated shout-out to his new wife with a chapter called “I Kissed a Girl.” (Just one?) We tried to imagine what other sections Russell could base of his wife’s lyrics.
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