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The Ten Most Unintentionally Hilarious Parts Of American Horror Story

The Ten Most Unintentionally Hilarious Parts Of American Horror Story

Last night, the new season of American Horror Story premiered with a star-studded bang just in time for Halloweeeeen. It was a regular clusterfuck of familiar faces, and some moments were genuinely scary. However, I’m afraid there were far more “oofs” in the hour-long premiere than “eeks,” so I’m rounding up the ten most unintentionally hilarious moments. Spoilers ahead! More »

The Next Big Thing: The 15 Music Artists You’ll Know In A Year

The Next Big Thing: The 15 Music Artists Youâll Know In A Year

Every day, we see a different artist billed as the next big thing. The next Justin Bieber! The next Adele! But who, out of all those musicians on YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, will make it to the top? Who really is the next Justin Bieber? The next Lady Gaga? Nicki Minaj? John Mayer? Rihanna? Well, just for you, we combed the internet to find out. And we’ve rounded up all our top pics right here. Some of these artists are already making a name for themselves, and others will only be recognized by the truly internet-obsessed. More »

Gallery: Maroon 5′s Adam Levine Gets Shirtless For Out Magazine

Gallery: Maroon 5's Adam Levine Gets Shirtless For Out Magazine

I know we’ve said some unkind things about his music in the past, but at the end of the day, Adam Levine is a tasty bit of man candy, is he not? In a recent interview with Out Magazine, Levine said some things that actually made sense (“I’ve got the moves like Jagger” wasn’t one of them), in addition to many things that did not. Sure, we’d like him better if in addition to rock hard abs he had Adam Scott‘s personality, but the fun thing about celebrities you are never going to meet is you can look at pictures of them and make pretend they have whatever type of personality your spank bank requires. Maybe don’t read the quotes from the interview if you’re going to do this. More »

A Discussion of Maroon 5′s ‘Move Like Jagger’ Music Video

A Discussion of Maroon 5's 'Move Like Jagger' Music Video

Maroon 5 just released their new video for the song “Moves Like Jagger,” which has Adam Levine comparing himself to none other than the legendary Mick himself — and it’s enough to make a person gather up all their records and throw them in a bonfire while “Rocks Off” plays from a boombox at full volume. Understandably upset, I enlisted the Gchat account of Kasey Anderson, a terrific musician in his own right, to help me make sense of the video. I’m not sure either of us managed to do that. More »