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Did Markai From ’16 And Pregnant’ Have An Abortion?

Did Markai From '16 And Pregnant' Have An Abortion?

Of all the many decisions that are documented on MTV’s hit show 16 And Pregnant, one is notably left out: that of teenage girls who opt to get abortions. It makes sense that viewers don’t see abortions on the show: it’s called 16 And Pregnant after all. But it looks like one of the show’s stars may have had an abortion after appearing on the show.

We’ve been noticing a few little things that’s got us thinking Markai Durham had an abortion soon after giving birth to her daughter Za’karia.
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5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant’s Markai Durham

5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant's Markai Durham

The second half of the new season of 16 And Pregnant has gotten off to a slow start. But MTV more than made up for that last night, by introducing the world to Markai Durham. The now 19 year old is beautiful, intriguing and seemingly intelligent. And yet, there were multiple times last night where I had to turn away from the screen because of something repulsive or idiotic that she did. And yet, I was more engaged in her episode than I have been yet this season. Meaning? She’ll likely be signed on for the second season of Teen Mom.

What were some of the things we learned about Markai last night? Oh, just that she loves white boy dreads, eating soap and domestic violence. Carry on! More »