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Love, Laugh, Links: We Forgot Angelina Jolie Used To Be A Lesbian, Kristen Bell’s New Film

Love, Laugh, Links: We Forgot Angelina Jolie Used To Be A Lesbian, Kristen Bell's New Film

Raise your hand if you totally forgot that Angelina Jolie was a lesbian for a little while. Me too. I also forgot about these other celebrities turned straight. (The Frisky)

So I’ve been on team Robert Pattinson for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and I’m not the only one…  (Your Tango)

• Hilarious Mr. Darcy fan artwork!  (Flavorwire)

• You know that song that makes you think of memories from your past relationship? Well, here’s how to deal with those emotions. (The College Crush)

• I’ve never heard of a photo shoot happening in a hospital, but these celebs obviously want to show off their injuries… like Mariah Carey for one. (ET Online)

• Gross. First dates are so awkward and usually don’t end well. Here’s some quick tips to know when to dip out. (Gurl)

• We all need to embrace and accept change as it comes, but sometimes it’s tough. Follow this advice to get the life you want faster. (Chick RX)

• Thanks to Flashdance sweatshirts are stylish even if the person wearing it can’t dance whatsoever. But what’s the most you’d pay for one? (Ladyish)

Kristin Bell plays a grown-up(?) lifeguard in her upcoming film. Maybe Dax Shepard will make a cameo! (Ok Gorgeous)

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How To: Tweet Like A Celebrity

How To: Tweet Like A Celebrity

As a celebrity, the way you chose to tweet is pretty important. Do you go the personal route or the “I’m a business and will market myself as such” route? Do you show your boobs or not? Is it possible for all of the words in your tweet to be links, hashtags, and Twitter handles? I’ve done my best to narrow down five celeb-specific tweeting styles: The Self-Promotional, The Controversial, The Oversharer, The Jerk, and The Kanye. For each, I’ve chosen one celebrity example and used real evidence from their Twitter to teach you how to tweet like a celeb. Let’s begin! More »