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Video Gallery: The 9 Most Absurd Storylines from ‘One Tree Hill’

Video Gallery: The 9 Most Absurd Storylines from 'One Tree Hill'

Shakespeare it ain’t, but Mark Schwahn‘s ludicrous teen soap One Tree Hill has managed to hold my attention for nearly all of its eight years on The CW. Why? Because it has the most absurd, inexplicable, wtf-worthy plotlines and reveals. It is just too crazy not to miss. But if you don’t want to wade through all the set-up to get to the absolutely off-the-wall moments this show is known for, then check out our gallery. (Case in point: The all-girl pillow fight that somehow finds its way into almost every season’s opening.) More »

Exclusive: Behind The Scenes Of MTV’s Drunken ‘Challenge: Cutthroat’ Reunion

Exclusive: Behind The Scenes Of MTV's Drunken 'Challenge: Cutthroat' Reunion

A few weeks ago, I was able to go the taping of the Real World/Road Rules Cutthroat Challenge Reunion, which wrapped up this season’s edition of The Challenge. The reunion lasted over six hours (and trust me, it felt twice as long), but it was whittled down to one hour of actual footage last night. There was plenty that didn’t make it into the show – including one cast member and lots of bitching about MTV – so I’ll just give you all the gory details.
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