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Benjamin Walker… Revealed!

Benjamin Walker... Revealed!

Benjamin Walker‘s rising to fame by playing U.S. presidents. The star of both the Off-Broadway and Broadway productions of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson was recently cast in the lead role of the flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which we could not be more excited for, OMG). This 28-year-old heart throb’s gonna be a household name before you know it — so get ahead of the curve with these five facts you need to know about Benjamin. More »

25 Crushable Guys Under 25 – 2010

25 Crushable Guys Under 25 - 2010

What does it mean to be “Crushable”? We’ll be looking to these guys, who we’ve deemed the MOST crushable young men making their mark on Hollywood and beyond, the set the bar high for those who come into fame after them.

We’ve watched many of them mature from Disney darlings into grown men with pecs and — gasp! — facial hair (we’re looking at you, Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu). Others, like Taylor Lautner and Aaron Johnson, are still baby-faced, but their upcoming work this year (and their recently revealed six packs) will shoot them into sex symbol status before year’s end.

Some of the names and faces on this list might be unfamiliar to you, but trust us, by this time next year, you will be more than familiar with quite a few of these cuties — and probably have crushes on them, too. If you don’t already. More »