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Made In Manhattan: ‘Harry Potter’ Midnight Screening Madness

Made In Manhattan: 'Harry Potter' Midnight Screening Madness

Potterphiles get a bad rep for being overly passionate about The Boy Who Lived and his friends. But if you think of some aspects of the book and movie series, dressing up as a house elf and waiting in line for six hours doesn’t seem all that weird. Just to prove it, I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 to meet superfans, learn Potter trivia, and try a vomit-flavored Every Flavor Bean. More »

Made in Manhattan: The New York City Bucket List

Made in Manhattan: The New York City Bucket List

Hey everyone! This is a video about me, Paige. I’m from Pennsylvania, and I go to a small-town college there (you may have seen that in my previous series, Paige Presents). This summer, I have an internship with b5media (the company that owns Crushable and its sister sites), and have moved out to New York City. Throughout the rest of the summer, I will be producing videos about making it in The Big Apple on my own. More »