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Gallery: The 10 Most Exploitative Tyler Shields Photos

Gallery: The 10 Most Exploitative Tyler Shields Photos

Violence, sex and more violence is his M.O.: Los Angeles photographer Tyler Shields is known for his gruesome and hypersexual photos of celebrities. Tyler’s latest offering show us the notoriously troubled starlet Mischa Barton with a piece of raw meat hanging out of her mouth. But that’s hardly the most exploitative Tyler has gotten. Why stop at raw steak when there are fake lesbians and sexy corpses to be had? More »

Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer’s Breakup Makes Way More Sense Than Their Engagement Rumors

Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer's Breakup Makes Way More Sense Than Their Engagement Rumors

Just a week ago, adorable (but frighteningly too serious for their young ages) couple, Glee star, Dianna Agron, and Stormbreaker star, Alex Pettyfer, were fending off engagement rumors. In fact, two weeks ago, Dianna and Alex both walked the red carpet together for the premiere of sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four, in which they both star. Everything seemed to be coming up roses for the young lovebirds. But that’s all changed now.

A source told Us Magazine that Dianna moved out of the home they shared about two weeks ago and is currently “terrified of Alex.” An eyewitness claims that Alex got into a heated argument with Black Swan actor, Sebastian Stan, and accused the actor of hooking up with Dianna.

Which is strange. But actually sounds way more true to form for kids their age than engagement rumors. More »

Celeb Tweetup: How’s The Weather?

Celeb Tweetup: How's The Weather?

It’s autumn… no it’s summer… no it’s autumn AND summer. The most amusing part of Twitter today was all the wildly different weather tweets from celebs on either side of the country. It’s raining in New York and super sunner in L.A. — and somewhere in the middle in the middle. Bet you can guess where these celebs are living just from their tweets. More »