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13 Celebs Who Have Secret Blogs That You Didn’t Know Existed

13 Celebs Who Have Secret Blogs That You Didn't Know Existed

Sure, you’ve heard of the blogs of show-offy celebrities, like Beyoncé’s and Gwyneth Paltrow’s, who blog exclusively to prove how like us they are. But some celebrities do it for the same reason that normal people do, because they like to say opinions in more than 140 characters. Here are the 13 celebrities who run blogs that have managed to fly relatively under the radar for a pretty long time. Who even knows how they did it? More »

Pretty Little Liars: Has Mona Changed for Good?

Pretty Little Liars: Has Mona Changed for Good?

Pretty Little Liars is back for its winter premiere, and the question on everyone’s mind is has Mona changed for the better? Doubtful. Isn’t the smartest move to get back behind enemy lines after getting caught to act repentant? Mona does exactly this the night before she returns to Rosewood High, asking Hanna to be on her side, claiming she’ll be ostracized by the rest of the student body after her mental breakdown. The rest of the girls are clearly worried, but briefly consider befriending her again in order to get another step closer in solving the mystery of Alison’s murder. More »

I’m An Adult And I’m Addicted To Pretty Little Liars

I'm An Adult And I'm Addicted To Pretty Little Liars

You know what I did last summer. Well, you don’t, but I’m going to tell you.  This is kind of embarrassing, or possibly not at all embarrassing, which is something we can decide together at the end of this article. What exactly did I do this summer?  Apply concealer as lipstick? Eat a soap I thought was a macaroon? Accidentally lock myself inside my apartment? No, those were all in September.  What I did last summer was watch all the available episodes of Pretty Little Liars. More »