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Questionable Choices: Paul Rudd’s Beard

Questionable Choices: Paul Rudd's Beard

Paul Rudd will soon be starring in a new movie, called My Idiot Brother, opposite such familiar faces as Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Rashida Jones and Hugh Dancy. As Jezebel points out, his bearded look for the movie is a bit…questionable.

Up close, it pretty much looks like a disaster. But we have to disagree when the camera takes a step back to reveal the whole look. Some of that Paul Rudd charm still shines through. More »

Love It Or Leave It: Kirsten Dunst’s ‘All Good Things’ Premiere Look

Love It Or Leave It: Kirsten Dunst's 'All Good Things' Premiere Look

Okay guys: What do we think of Kirsten Dunst‘s lacy dress from last night’s All Good Things NY premiere? She looks absolutely killer from the waist up, but the bottom half’s a little matronly, right? (Yikes, we’ve been watching too much Michael Kors.) And those sleeves look like they could double as a way to wipe up a spilled dab of marinara sauce. Maybe this look would have worked better if she’d gone with sheer legs? Because right now this says “funeral” more than “movie premiere.” More »

Love It Or Leave It: Gwen Stefani’s Boyfriend Jeans

Love It Or Leave It: Gwen Stefani's Boyfriend Jeans

Gwen Stefani was snapped out and about in L.A. wearing this pair of slouchy cropped boyfriend jeans and we simply can’t make up our mind about them. We’re huge fans of all boy-inspired girlwear and these denims are the polar opposite of high-waisted pants (and you know how we feel about those), but are they just too much? Do they just literally look too much like they were stole form Gavin Rossdale‘s closet? Or is that a cute look anyway? More »

Love It Or Leave It: Anna Faris’ Sparkly Casual

Love It Or Leave It: Anna Faris' Sparkly Casual

Surprise! There were women at GQ‘s “Men of the Year” party as well. We just haven’t mentioned that so far, because, well, hot dudes are distracting! Of all the looks from last night, Anna Faris‘ stood out the most. Individually, we love both pieces Anna’s wearing here — the shimmery top is awesome and we want to own those sparkly shorts. But we can’t quite figure out how we feel about them as a pair. More »

Love It Or Leave It: Rihanna’s Long Red Locks

Love It Or Leave It: Rihanna's Long Red Locks

Just when we thought her fire engine red locks couldn’t get any bolder, Rihanna has gone and extended them all the way down her back. While we’re kind of suffering from bright-celeb hair overload, we actually like this choice better than the short-haired version. Also, since we’re here, we feel like we should comment on our girl’s undies-over-tights look. Super Rihanna? Able to leap whole octaves in a single bound? Sure. More »

Love It Or Leave It: Katy Perry’s Purple Frocky Thing

Love It Or Leave It: Katy Perry's Purple Frocky Thing

Katy Perry isn’t one to shy away from color, as we learned in yesterday’s gallery of clownish ensembles. But the bright purple isn’t the problem with this dress, which Katy donned for her perfume launch event, it’s the weird length and poofy skirt. Looks kind of cupcakey, no? The top half is super cute, though. It’s nicely form-fitting and that bow is adorable. So we’re torn!

What do you think about this ? Let us know in the comments. More »

Love It Or Leave It: Emma Watson’s See-Through Dress

Love It Or Leave It: Emma Watson's See-Through Dress

Newly pixie-haired Emma Watson wore this lace minidress to yesterday’s premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, proving definitively that she’s all grown up. We like the length of this dress and it definitely suits Emma’s figure, but isn’t a little revealing for the premiere of something that’s still essentially a kids’ movie? (Ugh. We have officially turned into our grandmother. Great.) More »

Love It Or Leave It: Leighton Meester’s Gold Plated Peacock Dress

Love It Or Leave It: Leighton Meester's Gold Plated Peacock Dress

We’re excited to watch Leighton Meester sing country tunes in this winter’s Country Strong, but we’re not sure this Marc Jacobs dress she wore to the film’s Nashville premiere last night was exactly country friendly. However, we kind of love the gold-plated breastplate that gives way to a crocheted overlay, despite what The Daily News thinks. We even love the red skirt and slightly off color shoes. (click through for the full length shot) More »

Love It Or Leave It: Oscar de la Renta Boots

Love It Or Leave It: Oscar de la Renta Boots

I found these Winter Wonderland Oscar de la Renta boots for $75 bucks over at The Thrift Hog, an awesome thrift store that donate 100 percent of its proceeds to charity. They were a size too small for me (also, I run wide in the feet department) I was just about to waah-waah-waah all the way home because these little piggies weren’t going into some fur-trimmed snow boots. But when I showed the Twitpic to my compatriots over at Crushable, they were all like “Ew,” or “They’re…nice” (which is basically the same as saying “ew”). More »

Love It Or Leave It: Leighton Meester’s Temp Chanel Tattoo

Love It Or Leave It: Leighton Meester's Temp Chanel Tattoo

Leighton Meester graces the cover of Marie Claire UK’s December issue, in a series of beautiful images that celebuzz has up right now. In our favorite, she’s sporting a bird tattoo. It looks awfully familiar, but we didn’t remember Leighton having any tattoos on her shoulder. As it turns out, it is one of Chanel’s temporary tattoos from the label’s Spring-Summer 2010 collection.

And we’d argue, it’s their best fake tattoo. But is it worth $75 to get a fake (or temporary) Chanel? More »

Love It Or Leave It: Willow Smith’s Snail Nails

Love It Or Leave It: Willow Smith's Snail Nails

Today on Access Hollywood, Willow Smith came on to talk about the video for Whip Your Hair Back. While she was there, she debuted some new nail designs that co-host Kit Hoover described as “Halloween candy on the nails.”

Willow isn’t even sure what they are. She started explaining the designs and got stumped, saying:

“I don’t know what this is… But I know that that’s a strawberry.”

Tell us what you think, after the jump. More »

Interview: Jessica Hlavac’s I’m So Tiny

Interview: Jessica Hlavac's I'm So Tiny

Here at Crushable, we are completely unashamed of our fascination with tiny things. Basically, if you miniaturize any object, we will want to buy, hold or hug it. So when we learned that our friend Jessica Hlavac had created a calendar of the tiny things she makes at I’m So Tiny, we were pretty excited. And we decided to track her down to ask all sorts of questions about the creation and presention of her tiny little objects. Enjoy.
More »