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Breaking: Comedian Tom Scharpling Is At A Stabucks With Lou Reed

Breaking: Comedian Tom Scharpling Is At A Stabucks With Lou Reed

There are few things more surreal than when you’re sitting at a coffee shop, scrolling through the cute animal stories on your Google Reader, and an actual, real, live celebrity wanders in and plops down across from you. It’s like, “Whoa, wait, aren’t you supposed to be at home being fed individual espresso beans by your beautiful teenage lady servant? What are you doing at Starbucks, of all places?” More »

A Discussion of Lou Reeds Bizarre New Collaboration with Metallica

A Discussion of Lou Reeds Bizarre New Collaboration with Metallica

The strangest news item I read today involves a new collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica. It seems the former Velvet Underground frontman has teamed up with Lars Ulrich and the gang to record an album of songs based on writings by the German playwright Frank Wedekind. Yikes! You can read the whole item here.

Once again, I tapped the Gchat account of the brilliant Kasey Anderson for a discussion of Lou and Lars. More »

10 Subversive Rock Songs Used In Commercials To Sell Stuff

10 Subversive Rock Songs Used In Commercials To Sell Stuff

Remember the Lou Reed/Susan Boyle controversy-that-wasn’t-really-a-controversy? In brief, Susan wasn’t allowed to sing Lou’s song “Perfect Day” on America’s Got Talent and everyone thought it was because Lou wasn’t a fan of the reality show performer. But it turns out Lou maybe didn’t have a problem with Susan tackling his song after all, and he even ended up directing the music video for her cover of the tune.

Well, the aging punker totally never had a leg to stand on. As anyone who has seen HP’s most recent commercial now knows, Lou is totally lame! The ad, which is sort of a general survey of their products, features a version of Lou’s transsexual-and-hustler-themed 1972 classic “Walk on the Wild Side” with insanely uncool lyrics that reference HP’s products. Ridiculous, right? Pretty much. Check out our video gallery of nine other subversive tunes that were misappropriated by the advertising powers that be. More »

Video: Why Did Lou Reed Direct Susan Boyle’s “Perfect Day” Cover?

Video: Why Did Lou Reed Direct Susan Boyle's "Perfect Day" Cover?

Wait, what? Lou Reed directed a music video for Susan Boyle? Is this a move so subversive we don’t even realize it’s subversive? Months after he was accused (perhaps incorrectly) of banning Susan from singing “Perfect Day” on America’s Got Talent, Lou stepped in to direct her music video for his 1972 song — and it’s mostly just shots of Susan hanging out in scenic areas of Scotland. We’re all aware this song’s about hardcore drug addiction, right? More »

CMJ Show Report: Dean and Britta’s 13 Most Beautiful Songs For Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests

CMJ Show Report: Dean and Britta's 13 Most Beautiful Songs For Andy Warhol's Screen Tests

A few years back, the Andy Warhol Museum commissioned indie rock supercouple Dean and Britta to compose an album’s worth of recordings to play under Warhol’s famous screen tests. The 50th performance of the show coincided with CMJ, and for me it was the highlight of the festival.

If you haven’t seen Warhol’s screen tests, they’re a series of black and white videos that the pop artist shot obsessively for three years, capturing just about every “interesting” person who came through his studio doors. He’d stick his subject in front of a camera and leave him to fidget, stare or do whatever else one does when alone with a recording device (become the next Justin Bieber?). They videos are normally silent, so Dean and Britta’s accompaniment was less an intrusion than a way to hone in on and enhance each character’s mood. More »

WNYC’s Greene Space

WNYC's Greene Space

New York’s favorite public radio station WNYC is opening an amazing new street level performance space, The Greene Space, in Hudson Square. To celebrate, they’re having a 10-day festival that kicks off on April 28. Special guests include Lou Reed, … More »