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Street Artist Xvala Plasters The Scarlett Johansson Nudes Around Los Angeles

Street Artist Xvala Plasters The Scarlett Johansson Nudes Around Los Angeles

A Los Angeles-based street artist named Xvala has been making waves by plastering blow-ups of the leaked Scarlett Johnansson nudes around town. The images, which feature ScarJo along with Xvala’s logo and the words “Fear Google,” are popping up in super public places, and Xvala has been sent a cease and desist from Scarlett’s lawyers. The Huffington Post scored an interview with Xvala. Here’s some of what he had to say: More »

Two-Dimensional Jonas Brothers Don’t Want Olivia Wilde Having Sex In Their Old House

Two-Dimensional Jonas Brothers Don't Want Olivia Wilde Having Sex In Their Old House

Reluctantly beautiful and contently brainy House star Olivia Wilde appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to promote her new sci-fi western Cowboys & Aliens. When asked about splitting her time between New York and Los Angeles, Wilde revealed she really liked LA but that she had some issues with her new home on the west coast, interestingly enough, because it had once been owned by the Jonas Brothers.

If the thought of that weren’t creepy enough, there’s this fact: they left cardboard cutouts of themselves in her garage. Wilde joked with Kimmel that the cutouts had somehow placed a “No Sex Hex” on the home. More »

Fan Fiction: Princess Catherine’s Trip to Skid Row

Fan Fiction: Princess Catherineâs Trip to Skid Row

Prince William and Princess Catherine have added an extra stop to their L.A. trip — and it’s Skid Row! That’s right, the royal couple will spend some time at the downtown Los Angeles mecca of homelessness, bestowing their fanciness on some 17,000 transients. We traveled through time and tracked down Kate’s diary entry detailing the experience:

Dearest Diary,

Today was our final day in Los Angeles, and William and I visited the Skid Row area of downtown. Most of the people who live on Skid Row are homeless, and a lot of them are on state-assisted welfare — which I suppose is just like me and Wills! Before we left, Honeykins and I wanted to make sure we were dressed properly for the occasion. William decided to forgo his top hat for a simple bowler. I wore a fascinator made of feathers that reminded me of the pigeons I anticipated we’d encounter in our wanderings. More »

Crushable Presents: A Kate Middleton Paper Doll

Crushable Presents: A Kate Middleton Paper Doll

If you’re anything like us, you’ve kept yourself up nights worrying about Prince William and Princess Catherine‘s upcoming trip to Los Angeles. Will Kate be okay? How on earth will is going to blend in with all the model/actress/waitress/strippers? We got constructive with our fears and made her a paper doll to help ease the transition. Collect them all, which is very easy because there’s only one! More »

Calm Down Parents, USC’s Raves Aren’t Contagious

Calm Down Parents, USC's Raves Aren't Contagious

“I want to warn you about a specific danger that has become increasingly prevalent in the City of Los Angeles: raves.”

No, that’s not a quote from Portlandia or a College Humor sketch making fun of 90s culture, it’s part of a letter USC president C.L. Max Nikias sent out to students just yesterday. President Nikias’ letter continues: “Occasionally, these are held close to our campuses, often at the Coliseum or the Shrine, and they present serious risks to all who attend. Ecstasy, which is common at raves, produces a number of adverse reactions that may include disorientation, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks and hallucinations.”

So does this mean raves are back en vogue amongst the college set? (And just when we’d sold off all our glow sticks and pacifiers.) Nope: More likely, this is an issue specific to USC, located on the outskirts of downtown L.A., which has arguably become the epicenter of U.S. rave culture. More »

Torrential Rain In Los Angeles Means Wet Celebs

Torrential Rain In Los Angeles Means Wet Celebs

Oh, Los Angeles. The second there’s any tiny amount of weather at all the whole city shuts right down. Granted, this week’s record-breaking rainfall does qualify as more than slight weather, but it’s still funny to see folks running from the downpour as if they’re confused about what water is doing falling from the sky. (Not that we, native to L.A., are immune to this — we flew home for the holidays over the weekend and haven’t left the house once.) We have learned something out of this whole storm thing, though: neither Joe Jonas, Heidi Klum nor Jennifer Love Hewitt melt when they get wet. More »