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Why Is This 12-Year-Old Girl’s Dress So Offensive?

Why Is This 12-Year-Old Girlâs Dress So Offensive?

Iris Frost, daughter of Sadie Frost and Jude Law, is at the center of a deeply silly controversy. Mother and daughter sat frontrow at Vivienne Westwood while attending London Fashion Week yesterday and, apparently unbeknowst to either of them, 12-year-old Iris’ white dress was emblazoned with rude phrases like, “Blow Me,” “Drink Poison,” “Choke,” “Eat Shit,” and “Please Drown,” among others: More »

London Calling: Gearing Up For Fashion Week Across the Pond

London Calling: Gearing Up For Fashion Week Across the Pond

While New York is mired in its Fashion Week activities, the Brits still have a couple days to prepare. Our London correspondent Ria Tesia gives us a taste of what the English are looking forward to in clothes and culture.

London is a hot-bed of activity in the fall. With a thriving music scene and uber cool fashion landscape to boot, London is one of my favorite places to be. London Fashion Week is five days away (OK, I’m counting). In the run-up to this hotly anticipated annual event that has been in the diary of any self-respecting fashion aficionado since last year, London will be highlighting a plethora of sartorially focused design talent. The eyes of all and sundry, from buyers, to journalists, to individuals with a passion for fashion will be glued to the fabulous affair from Friday. I love watching these fashion shows, where models sashay down the catwalk and flit from one hip after-party to another in a range of delectable designs. For three whole days, myself, along with the fashion populace forget the words ‘recession’ and ‘austerity measures.’ More »