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Crushable Casts ‘Wonder Woman’

Crushable Casts 'Wonder Woman'

Rumors have been flying (faster than a speeding bullet) that a new David E. Kelley-penned Wonder Woman is on its way to the small screen. And it looks like every brown-haired actress in Hollywood is up for the role. Ashely Greene, Evangeline Lilly, Megan Fox, and Minka Kelly have all been named as possible Dianas.

Of the four, we’d most like to see Megan land the role, because, well, Megan Fox as a superhero? How funny and awesome would that be? However, Evangeline seems to be the actress who’d most benefit from the star spangled part. She’s been known as Kate Austen for so long that nabbing a huge TV franchise could send her career skywards. And it’d be nice to see her in something other than jeans or a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit. More »