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30 Reasons I’m Going To Miss 30 Rock

30 Reasons I'm Going To Miss 30 Rock

I’m starting to accept that tonight really is the end of 30 Rock. That after tonight’s series finale, there will be no more Liz LemonJack DonaghyJenna Maroney and Tracy Jordan. Sure they’ll live on in syndication forever (and hopefully ever), but it’s not the same. Even though I can rewatch 30 Rock episodes over and over and find things I missed the first few times, it’s still not the same. Blerg, I’m like really  upset guys. More »

Liz Lemon’s Celebrating Anna Howard Shaw Day On ’30 Rock’ Tonight

Liz Lemon's Celebrating Anna Howard Shaw Day On '30 Rock' Tonight

February 14th is coming up faster than your single friends can say “oh, I didn’t even notice today was Valentine’s Day” and no one is more excited than Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) on 30 Rock.  But it’s not because she’s dating James Marsden this season. Nope, it’s because it’s Anna Howard Shaw Day, Liz’s Valentine’s Day subsitute for all the single women out there. More »

In Honor Of Amy Poehler: Our Favorite Strong Women On TV This Season

In Honor Of Amy Poehler: Our Favorite Strong Women On TV This Season

he Arrested Development reunion (and your subsequent realization that now you have to shell out for Showtime) isn’t the only news to come out of this weekend’s New Yorker Festival. At her interview with Ariel Levy on Friday night, Amy Poehler asserted television’s superiority over movies, particularly in the area of multifaceted female characters.

“I think films are kind of catching up in a way to where television has been for a long time. Television is still, in my opinion, the best place for female characters,” opined Poehler.

We’re inclined to agree — sure, this has been a banner year for female-focused movies, but television has been rocking the lady-led shows for a while now. Just look at Lorelai on Gilmore Girls or The Wire’s Kima or take your pick of the four besties mini-genre: Sex and the City, Golden Girls, or Designing Women. In fact, television is building on the precedent those shows have set with a current crop of female heroines that are, frankly, killing it, including (especially) Poehler’s own Leslie Knopes on Parks & Recreation. Let’s check out some of the rest of the best.
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Kanye West is Tracy Jordan – Some genius named John Harper discovered that if you add “Liz Lemon” to the head of Kanye’s tweets he becomes 30 Rock‘s Tracy. It’s uncanny! Follow the account at @KanyeJordan. (via Huffington Post)