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Star Shrinking: Lindsay Lohan Can Only Play Real People

Star Shrinking: Lindsay Lohan Can Only Play Real People

Poor Lindsay Lohan just can’t seem to catch a break. Though she’s out of rehab and isn’t going to do time for her alleged necklace-stealing, she hasn’t yet landed a film role. Although there have been a ton of casting rumors, nothing has panned out for our erstwhile LiLo. However, there is one interesting connection between all the roles she has been attached to. It seems that the only parts she’s getting offered are playing real people. More »

Crush Links: ‘Lone Star’ the First Shiny New Show to Go

Crush Links: 'Lone Star' the First Shiny New Show to Go

• Well that didn’t take long: James Wolk is having to look for another job folks, since Lone Star’s been canceled. (Vulture)

• How can Brad Pitt and Chris Cornell manage to make “playing in the American Girl doll store macho?” (TMZ)

• Look, just because Little People, Big World is going off the air, doesn’t mean Matt Roloff‘s family is breaking up. The family’s patriarch gets how hard the sitch is though: He and and his wife Amy “broke bread” with the Gosselin’s (RadarOnline)

• Has Rachel Zoe literally split from her boyfriend, Brad Goreski? (People)

• Here are 9 new commercials for Conan O’Brien‘s new show on TBS. (Videogum)

• Who will fill Lindsay Lohan‘s shoes as Linda Lovelace if she unable to perform her Deepthroat commitments due to rehab? (TheFrisky) More »