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Virgin Viewing: The ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

Virgin Viewing: The 'Star Wars' Trilogy

Back when I first started the Virgin Viewing column, there were a couple of movies that I could always mention and get a “You haven’t seen what?!” reaction from people: The Godfather, Back to the Future, and Star Wars. And since is this is my very last Virgin Viewing feature for Crushable, and I already saw The Godfather and Back to the Future, it seemed only right that I go out in grand style – barricading myself in my living room and watching the entire original Star Wars trilogy. More »

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2′ and the Five Stages of Grief

'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2' and the Five Stages of Grief

Even before I went into the theater to watch the very last Harry Potter film, I’d spent weeks going back through the books and movies realizing the finality of what was about to happen. It’s just a movie, I told myself. But after a decade of investing in this story, I knew it was going to be hard to watch the series wrap up for good. In fact, I went through the famous five stages of grief that were identified by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. More »

Confessions of a Former Teenage Shoplifter

Confessions of a Former Teenage Shoplifter

Over on The Hairpin, Blair Koenig (whose name you might recognize from our Space Relations column) has an essay about her three week whirlwind courtship with shoplifting. Blair is certainly not alone – many other women have taken to the comments section of her post to talk about their own shoplifting phases and, in many cases, how they still feel guilty about it.

I too was a teenage shoplifter, but my relationship with stealing lasted a lot longer than three weeks. More »

Crushable’s Post On a ’16 and Pregnant’ Miscarriage Elicits a Facebook War of Words

Crushable's Post On a '16 and Pregnant' Miscarriage Elicits a Facebook War of Words

>Yesterday, I broke the news here on Crushable that 16 and Pregnant season 1 cast member Ebony Jackson had miscarried her second child. Though I expressed sympathy to Ebony during what must be a physically and emotionally challenging time, not everyone on our official Crushable Facebook page agreed. Commenter Betsy wrote, “I’ve heard one way for teens to prevent miscarriages is to not have sex and/or use birth control. It’s pathetic that these girls are “famous” for being stupid enough to get pregnant the first time. The fact that they’re in the spotlight because they’re expecting again is beyond ridiculous.” More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Young Frankenstein’

Virgin Viewing: 'Young Frankenstein'

Although my friends reliably freak out every time I announce the name of yet another classic movie I’ve never seen, most of the time it’s understandable why I haven’t seen a particular film – I never watched The Godfather because I don’t like movies that glorify the mafia; I never saw The Exorcist because I scare easily. But there is absolutely no reason for making it this far without having seen Young Frankenstein because, well – that movie rules. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Top Gun’

Virgin Viewing: 'Top Gun'

Friday the 13th was Top Gun Day! Not only did I find out about this esteemed holiday too late, I also had never seen this iconic movie. Whenever there’s a movie on this list I haven’t gotten around to seeing, my reason is normally something like “I know who dies” or “I’ve already seen the Simpsons parody episode.” That was true of Top Gun. But the other thing keeping me from watching the movie was its star. Is it possible to watch a movie like Top Gun – which largely hinges on Tom Cruise‘s charm – and not think about couch-jumping and Scientology? More »

Dear Young People of America, Senior Year Is Actually Not the Best Time of Your Life

Dear Young People of America, Senior Year Is Actually Not the Best Time of Your Life

It’s prom/graduation season, which means that wherever you look on TV there’s an almost fetishistic obsession with these rites of passage. On 16 and Pregnant, Danielle Cunningham sounded more upset about missing out on her senior year with her friends than about the fact that she suddenly had a new baby that she’d be responsible for for the next eighteen years or so. On Glee, Quinn announced, “you can get married as many times as you like — you only have one shot at your junior prom.” Movies from Can’t Hardly Wait to American Pie are all about admitting to your crush that you love them before everybody heads off to college and how high school is some kind of important metaphor for the rest of our lives. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘The Exorcist’

Virgin Viewing: 'The Exorcist'

Confession: I hate horror movies. Some people live for the adrenaline rush, but I’d rather get my blood pumping from yoga than from being scared out of my mind. So when it came time to watch an iconic horror movie for this series, I popped The Exorcist into my DVD player at 2 PM on a warm, sunny Sunday. The windows were all open and light was gushing in from every direction. And then I was ready. To laugh my face off, apparently. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Raiders Of the Lost Ark’

Virgin Viewing: 'Raiders Of the Lost Ark'

Here’s the thing about classic movies – they have a whole lot of dudes in them. The Godfather was basically a bunch of dudes killing each other with women sticking their heads in and getting martyred every now and then. Back to the Future made Jennifer a non-entity and then had Marty’s mom mack on him. Jaws was a bromance interspersed with shark-fighting. Despite being sort of tired of dude movies, the next movie on my Omigod What Do You Mean You’ve Never Seen THAT? Netflix queue was Raiders of the Lost Ark. Between Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, That Guy Who Played the Nazi Leader, and the rest, it seemed pretty dude-centric. A dudegasbord, if you will. But then something wonderful happened: Karen Allen. More »

Virgin Viewing: ‘Back to the Future’

Virgin Viewing: 'Back to the Future'

So, I finally got around to watching Back to the Future, and it really was as enjoyable as everyone told me it would be. Though some of the references haven’t aged well (I love a good Ronald Reagan joke as much as the next girl, but still), the movie is still funny, endearing, and a lot of fun. Perhaps because it was more lighthearted than some of the other films I’ve watched for this feature, I just found myself making a list of thoughts as they came along. More »

An Open Letter to Dionne Warwick Regarding ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

An Open Letter to Dionne Warwick Regarding 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Dear Dionne,

Normally, I see Celebrity Apprentice as a fun, goofy show featuring celebrities who run around like chickens with their heads cut off. But I have never been so happy to see a person kicked off a reality show as I was when you were fired on this week’s episode. Lots of past contestants have been bitchy, petulant, or hard to work with. But when you told Marlee Matlin last week that deafness was “depressing,” I went from thinking you were a pain in the ass to thinking you were ignorant and hateful. More »