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17 Celebrities Who Always Look Like They’re Wearing A Halloween Costume

17 Celebrities Who Always Look Like Theyâre Wearing A Halloween Costume

Some celebrities spend their entire year — nay their entire lives – planning their Halloween costumes. At least I assume that’s what’s happening, because there’s no way that humans would choose to dress like this on an everyday basis for no reason, right? I mean, right?!? I have to believe that there’s a greater purpose or deeper meaning behind these insane fashion choices. More »

A User’s Guide To All Things ‘Lil

A User's Guide To All Things 'Lil

Happy birthday to Lil’ Kim, who turns thirty-nine years old today, disproving my long-held theory that those who dress exclusively in nip-covers will move about the world agelessly until one day they disappear in a poof of glitter and coconut oil. May you feel as touched and caressed with the love of your neighbors today as your breast once was by Diana Ross‘s hand.  More »

Lil Kim Is Confused About The Meaning Of Valentine’s Day

Lil Kim Is Confused About The Meaning Of Valentine's Day

Hey guys. Do you know the true meaning of Valentine’s Day? It’s a celebration that exists to send warnings to your nemeses and continue public diss wars. Or at least that’s what Lil Kim is using it for this year.

The rap star diva has been developing a beef with Nicki Minaj for going on two years now. Back in November Kim dropped the track ‘Black Friday,’ which attacked her. And then she cast a Nicki Minaj lookalike for the song’s music video. Fun! Well, today she’s released a mixtape of that single, and some cover art that is as dainty and ladylike as her lyrics.
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