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10 Lessons About Halloween We Learned from the Movies

10 Lessons About Halloween We Learned from the Movies

So. You’ve got big plans for Halloween, do you? Got your costume all ready? Got your friends on hand? Gearing up to go out and paint the town red? Well, hang on just one second. Before you go, it might behoove you to brush up on a few things. You see, over the years, the movies have taught us a great deal about what to expect from Halloween—and how to behave during it. So go on. Take a quick look at these tips and tricks (or treats) before you head out the door. Your survival may depend on them.
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10 Things ‘Independence Day’ Taught Me About Independence Day

10 Things 'Independence Day' Taught Me About Independence Day

Ah, Independence Day: The day on which we burn food items to a crisp, dress in only three colors, and set fire to a bunch of explosives, all in the name of celebrating the day a bunch of long-dead dudes signed a piece of very important paper. Incidentally, it’s also the day on which, in 1996, aliens descended upon the Earth and attempted to destroy it. Happily, they failed, thanks to the ingenuity of a few resourceful humans; and now we can use the day to celebrate not one, but two forms of independence. Hoorah!

I was 11 when Independence Day came out, and as you might imagine, I was a rather impressionable child. It seemed to me that there was more to take away from this Hollywood blockbuster than simple entertainment. I studied it carefully, and under its tutelage, I discovered a number of valuable lessons about the true meaning of this national holiday. In honor of 4th of July weekend, I have decided to share my findings with you, Gentle Readers; here are the 10 things Independence Day taught me about Independence Day: More »

A Game of Memes: A Guide to ‘Game of Thrones’-Inspired Memes

A Game of Memes: A Guide to 'Game of Thrones'-Inspired Memes

As is the case with any good pop culture phenomenon, HBO’s series Game of Thrones has spawned not only a huge fan following, but perhaps more importantly, a ton of everyone’s favorite procrastination tool: Memes. We here at Crushable HQ have shared a few of our favorites over recent weeks, but you know what? There’s just so many glorious Game of Thrones memes out there that we’ve decided to round up the best of the best for your reading and procrastinating pleasure. In the Game of Memes, you win or… well, you really just win. Let’s begin with: