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Levi Johnston Gets Another Girl Pregnant, Let’s Hope He’s A Better Dad To Baby #2

Levi Johnston Gets Another Girl Pregnant, Letâs Hope Heâs A Better Dad To Baby #2

Remember when Levi Johnston got Bristol Palin pregnant? Ah, good times. Their son Tripp was born in 2008 and, mere months after his birth, the couple split up. Johnston went on to pose for Playgirl; star in a commercial about pistachio nuts (“Now Levi Johnston does it with protection,” the ad joked); and write a book in which he bashes the Palin family for kicks (he even boasts that ab 18-year-old Bristol got pregs just to spite her mom, Sarah Palin, though that doesn’t quite explain why he agreed to impregnate her). The latest news is that Johnston, 21, has impregnated yet another girlfriend.
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Crushable Quotable: Bristol Palin Almost Stole Maci Bookout’s Baby Name

Crushable Quotable: Bristol Palin Almost Stole Maci Bookout's Baby Name

A few months ago, Crushable reported that teen moms Bristol Palin and Maci Bookout, who had become friends while working as spokespeople for the Candie’s Foundation, had had a falling-out. But Bristol’s new memoir, which comes out this week, adds a small but interesting detail to the layers of their friendship. Bristol says that the final straw in her on-again off-again relationship with babydaddy Levi Johnston came when she found out he had knocked up another girl and that they were naming their child Bentley, which had been Bristol’s first choice for their son Tripp. Maci’s son, who is featured prominently alongside Mom on Teen Mom, is named Bentley. More »

Hot Shot: Levi Johnston’s Book Cover, Y’all

Hot Shot: Levi Johnston's Book Cover, Y'all

Levi Jonston‘s book cover looks like the one-sheet for a wacky, fun-filled 80s movie: Levi and his friends just want to have fun while they still can, skateboarding on the roof and ditching math class to throw Orange Juliuses at the geeks who sit in the corner of the food court — but uh oh, Levi went and got the governor’s daughter pregnant! How will he get out of it? And will his totally tubular Pac-Man score suffer in the process? Directed posthumously by John Hughes. More »

Crush Links: Justin Bieber is Growing a Mustache

Crush Links: Justin Bieber is Growing a Mustache

Is he trying to kill his fans? First Justin Bieber chopped off his beloved locks and now he is planning to grow a mustache. (Us Magazine)

Sarah Palin calls Kathy Griffin a “50-year-old adult bully” and a “has-been comedienne.” Why can’t they just let bygones (Levi Johnston) be bygones? (Jezebel)

Sandra Bullock claims that she’s a “better person” since adopting her son. (Just Jared) More »

Suggested Chapter Titles for Bristol Palin’s Upcoming Memoir

Suggested Chapter Titles for Bristol Palin's Upcoming Memoir

This is just what literate Americans needed. On the heels of Jesse James announcing he’s writing a tell-all, Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin‘s 20-year-old daughter who infamously became a teen mom while Sarah was running for Vice President, announces she’s writing one, as well. According to the New York Times, Bristol has a book deal with William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins. The book is titled Not Afraid of Life and is due to come out this summer. More »

Video: Levi Johnston Makes Cameo Appearance In Brittani Senser’s ‘After Love’

Video: Levi Johnston Makes Cameo Appearance In Brittani Senser's 'After Love'

Whoa, we had almost forgotten about the “drama” surround Levi Johnston and his scandelous video with pop star Brittani Senser, who he may or may not be boning in an effort to get back at the Palins (for making him famous, apparently). Sorry Levi! It’s just that we were promised that video so long ago, and in the mean time Bristol went on Dancing with the Stars and we sort of forgot all about you! Our bad.

Luckily the video has just premiered, and it has at least one interesting aspect for us to discuss: More »

Sex On The Wire: Has He Posed For Playgirl? ‘That’s A Dealbreaker, Ladiez!’

Sex On The Wire: Has He Posed For Playgirl? 'That's A Dealbreaker, Ladiez!'

5 things we can learn about bad boyfriends from Levi Johnston. (TheGloss)

The Miss Universe body-paint-photo controversy: Is it really all that scandalous? (Lemondrop)

Girls, let’s stop with the crazy. Put down your phone and listen up before you hit “send.” (College Candy)

Can you Feng Shui your way to love? (Your Tango)

A thoughtful male response to Eat Pray Love. He wanted to like it! He really did! (Jezebel) More »

Best of: Crushable Last Week

Best of: Crushable Last Week

From the shores of Jersey to the Imperial Bedrooms of the Baby-Sitters Club; introducing you to new Internet celebrities like white-board girl Jenny and Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s fire-twirling brother, Dan: Yes, it’s the best of this week’s Crushable, in one crunchy, nougaty post! More »

Video: More On ‘Loving Levi’, Johnston’s Kiss-Off to Potential Mother-In-Law

Video: More On 'Loving Levi', Johnston's Kiss-Off to Potential Mother-In-Law

I don’t even know what the Greek would call this kind of complex, where you try to screw over your potential (but not really?) mother-in-law by usurping her former position. Either way, Levi Johnston is out to get baby mama’s mama’s goat, by running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, where Sarah Palin was once plucked to be a VP candidate. Why would Levi do this? Simple: Some producer is going to pay him. More »

Gallery: Levi And Guest Storm The Teen Choice Awards

Gallery: Levi And Guest Storm The Teen Choice Awards

When we think of the Teen Choice Awards, two words come to mind: “Levi” and “Johnston.” That’s right, Kathy Griffin took Wasilla’s bad-boy heartthrob as her date last year; now, fresh off a broken engagement from Bristol Palin, Levi returned to the 2010 ceremony with a new date: Brittani Senser, an R&B singer who cast him in the music video for her song “After Love.” Oh, but they weren’t the only hotties on the red carpet. Check out our Teen Choice gallery for a lovely Kardashian family portrait and Cory Monteith wearing inappropriate sunglasses (pre-awards Lasik?). More »