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Even If You Hate Breaking Dawn Part 2, You’ll Love These New Characters

Even If You Hate Breaking Dawn Part 2, You'll Love These New Characters

Just as things are starting to look pretty dire for super creepy CGI baby Renesmmee, The United Nations of Vampires agree to join the Cullen clan to stand against the Volturi. While Twihards across the country can agree that the conclusion to The Twilight Saga is epic (by Twilight standards, which isn’t very high) it’s these new, special vampires that really steal the show. Even though I thought my little twi-heart was shattering into little pieces, it was actually being made whole. More »

Interview: Kellan Lutz On ‘Meskada,’ Vision Boards, and Playing Poseidon

Interview: Kellan Lutz On 'Meskada,' Vision Boards, and Playing Poseidon

As much as we might make fun of Twilight, nobody should doubt that some of us here are actually obsessed with the series. So maybe those people were jumping up and down when they learned they’d be talking to Kellan Lutz – who will be returning in his role of Emmett Cullen in the new Breaking Dawn series – about his part in the recent indie flick Meskada, which opened at the Tribeca film festival earlier this year. More »

Lee Pace: Revealed!

Lee Pace: Revealed!

ABC’s cult show Pushing Daisies may have been canceled in 2009, but its lovable, supernatural star Lee Pace has managed to live on. The sandy-haired Oklahoma native was just cast as the adventurous vampire Garrett in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, which will undoubtedly pull Lee’s career back from the grave (no pun intended). Whether you were a Pushing Daisies fanatic or never heard of Lee, Crushable dug up 5 fun facts about the actor that may surprise you. More »