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Seth Rogen’s Speech About Alzheimer’s Will Remind You He’s More Than Just A Funny Stoner

Seth Rogen's Speech About Alzheimer's Will Remind You He's More Than Just A Funny Stoner

Seth’s mother-in-law has Alzheimer’s, and he and his wife launched Hilarity for Charity to educate people about the disease, which he admits he didn’t fully understand before he witnessed it firsthand. Yesterday afternoon Seth appeared on a panel to discuss allocation of funds to Alzheimer’s research at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing. More »

Sex On the Wire: Durex XXL Ads Funny or Offensive?

Sex On the Wire: Durex XXL Ads Funny or Offensive?

• Durex’s new XXL condom ad makes us wanna go Lorena Bobbitt whoever came up with that campaign. (Trendhunter)

• Ruh-roh! Add “boyfriend stealer” to the list of things that Lady Gaga might be (a man, an alien, etc.) (YourTango)

Seth Rogen admitted to Conan O’Brien last night that he proposed to Lauren Miller while she was topless. (Celebuzz)

• Would you watch a porno based on Taylor Swift and Kanye West‘s feud? Hey, at least the plot will be good. (Hollywood Life)

• I don’t care what STD it can check for, I am NOT peeing on my phone! Can you imagine how awkward that would make first dates when he asks you to just give him a urine sample for his iPhone? (Lemondrop) More »